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It’s happening. It’s Friday. You have been working hard all week to get to this point. That’s right, it’s the second instalment of Recruiter’s Zeitgeist. Below you can find a random selection of topics that are kind of/sort of mainly related to recruitment.

Then there’s a dog at the end.

There’s nothing better in this world than an excuse to over-indulge. This week we got one of the greats: pancake day. Pancake day is a humble holiday. It doesn’t need to show off, it doesn’t feel any urge to fill supermarkets with rows of decorations months in advance; it just gives you an opportunity to eat ridiculous amounts of Nutella. 

But, the rest of the year, it’s probably a good idea to eat vegetables.

You don’t need me to tell you that, though, you’re an adult. It’s not like you need grated carrot hidden in your pasta sauce or broccoli in your mac and cheese or cauliflower in your mashed potato… Actually, what was that last one? It recently emerged that Donald Trump’s former physician, Dr Jackson, had put the president on a health regime that did involve smuggling cauliflower into his mashed potato. They also tried exercise, which never really ‘took off’, and making ice cream ‘less accessible’, which I actually might need someone to do for me. Anyway, Dr Jackson still stands by his man, claiming Trump could live to be 200 years old. Time to quit my gym membership.

TT’s top story

London-based fintech firm iwoca secured an impressive £85m in additional debt funding from BNY Mellon-owned Insight Investment. The small business lender plans to put those funds into expanding rapidly throughout Germany. They’re already hiring across their Leeds, London and Frankfurt offices. Get in touch.

Have you heard…

Where are all the good candidates?

Already in jobs, duh. That’s okay though because it turns out that three-quarters of UK employees are not happy in their role. In a survey of over 1000 people, TopCV found that 

77 percent described themselves as open to opportunities. So next time someone tells you they’re just not in the market for a new job, push a little harder, find the sadness within.

It is your human right to flirt with your cutest client

Stephen Jennings, a Partner Solicitor at Tozers Solicitors, has advised against recruitment companies introducing blanket bans on relationships between recruiters and contractors. He argues that firms have no right to intrude on the romantic entanglements of consenting adults, and that to do so might infringe on human rights legislation. Just remember it’s also your cutest client’s human right to break your heart.

Trust in your sauce

Turns out these four words are the key to success everywhere, not just on Love Island. Onrec’s top tip for good recruitment? ‘Your people are your secret sauce’. If you put your faith in your people skills, you can become one of the ‘top billers and excellent client hustlers’ a recruitment firm needs to thrive – and be in with a chance of taking home the £50k prize. The secret to my sauce? I’ll never tell.

An app for that

Forest: Try and cast your mind all the way back to last Friday, back through the haze of your weekend drinks. Our last Zeitgeist warned against the sins of taking a 5-minute loo break to stalk your ex on Instagram. But if you just can’t resist the allure of snaps of them with their new partner who is definitely not as fit as you, try Forest. Forest will stop you procrastinating by planting a tree that will die if you exit the app. Don’t kill your tree, do some work.

Word of the week

Exsanguinate: verb (used with object), ex·san·gui·nat·ed, ex·san·gui·nat·ing.

  1. To drain of blood; make bloodless

verb (used without object), ex·san·gui·nat·ed, ex·san·gui·nat·ing.

  1. To bleed to death.

After staying out for one pint that turned into seven on a Thursday night, the recruiter was so pale on Friday morning it looked like they’d been exsanguinated.

Dog of the week


Sky is four months old. She doesn’t understand growling yet and will kiss dogs who growl at her.

Is your dog good enough to be dog of the week? Send me a pic and a sentence about them and I’ll decide. (It’ll be yes.)

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