The Talent Ticker Scoring System

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77/100 , 43/100…. But what does it mean?

When initially looking into our market fit for Talent Ticker we envisioned our tech to be the ‘Bloomberg of recruitment’, market intelligence for hiring. Similar to stocks and shares rising and falling, our technology analyses the staffing market, looking at how latest news is likely to impact recruitment with a handy score. The Talent Ticker score is a measure of how ‘hot’ an opportunity is within your chosen market.

How does it work?

Following a change within an organisation, Talent Ticker will assess whether this activity will have an impact on the recruitment within said company. For example, how likely the company is to hire new people or fire, downsize/relocate, based on this information. This is calculated by our AI which analyses market moves, placements and recruitment trends, using this to generate a percentage score that tells you how large the opportunity is.

For example, if a company closes a major funding round and expects to hire across a large number of roles, it would generate a high score. Whereas a small or uncertain change, such as a minor promotion within an organisation, may generate a lower score. However, these lower scores are still measures out of 100 and can always result in a hire – and you could be the one to fill it.

Talent Ticker gives you projected & live vacancies that will contain the hiring manager’s name & contact details allowing you can pull exclusive jobs and only deal with clients you know are hiring. We believe through this scoring system you’ll be able to form better, stronger and more collaborative client relationships.

As mentioned earlier Talent Ticker also displays ‘downsizing/firing’ market intelligence that outlines new candidate pools that are not yet on any of the job boards, so that you can connect with those candidates and place them against your live roles.

IN SUMMARY… The scores on Talent Ticker let you know which companies are ‘hot’ in your market and where is best to find leads and candidates. Remember – each article on Talent Ticker is verified by our QA team, so even lower scoring articles have the potential to make you money within your market! Happy Ticking!

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