Technology and the staffing industry

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Technology and the staffing industry


Technology is making our lives easier, we are more connected than ever and we have access to more information than we will ever need. The phrase ‘Google it’ has passed being a slogan and now is the answer to many questions either around the desk or in our home lives. The reason technology is here is to make our lives easier, it’s primary function is to make us more efficient and cut out tasks that can be automated. And that makes sense, technological advancement comes out of the requirement for it, pushing boundaries, and further exploring and innovating on the tech that we currently have.

Technology changes industries and it’s now our turn.

Technology in staffing is often seen as a secondary tool, a ‘nice to have’. It’s encouraging to see many people are investing in some of the great new rec tech’s that are available, and even more encouraging to see that these techs are having a positive impact on businesses. Some businesses continue to be reluctant to try innovative technologies and to be open to new ways of working, working smarter not harder, but that’s okay, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Technological change affects most industries, and inevitably it will change staffing industry, shaking things up and allowing some super star companies to shine. We have a bit of way to go before recruitment technology infiltrates the industry and becomes common place, however companies are starting to use technologies discovering the benefits and seeing how new tech helps them grow.



Do we need to be at the desk for over 12 hours a day to hit sales targets?

We all have elements of our jobs that we’d love to automate, these are often inefficient and frankly viewed as time wasting activities that need to be done. If these were automated you’d receive all that time back. We found out 45% of sales peoples time is spent on activities that can be make more efficient.

Last June a writer from the FT called it  “bleed-to-succeed” a ‘culture of presenteeism’ in an excellent article on flexible working  ( She’s not referring to sales necessarily but the same story applies. The first sign of madness is doing the same thing over again but expecting different results, we need to shake things up in order to win. AI and other  technological advancements have proven time and time again to produce increased efficiencies and lead to more successful monetary gains.

The focus for all companies and sales is largely on productivity, using new tools and tech we can automate the less enjoyable tasks to allow you to focus more on the money making activities. For the company, new tech can enable you to get more out of your best sales people or turn good to great. The exact same question can be asked to your people, tech can help you make more money.


Where Talent Ticker comes in

Many of the RecTech’s available focus on candidates. Giving candidates a better experience or automating candidate processes whilst other tools focus on sourcing candidates by making Boolean searches quick and easy, but again more focused on candidate attraction. We are slightly different, Talent Ticker approaches recruitment from a market intelligence position. Our aim is to be the Bloomberg of staffing, housing all relevant news, data, and articles making sense of it and projecting future market trends to enable recruiters, HR teams and other sales people to work for effectively.

We are using AI to read article and understand whether companies are/will be hiring or firing as a result. This information can help you make better BD calls and identify new talent pools that may not have signed up to job boards yet.  The more data we give it the better the AI gets, it will continue to improve overtime. Through creating our own neural network we are growing an artificial brain that will self-learn and automatically generate typical characteristics that can identify what something is and how it should be interpreted and understood. It can do this super quick, using old data to look at future trends in the market.

Currently we are only in the Financial Services, this is a business decision to start in one industry, master it, then once the AI is working we can apply the same tech to other industries relatively easily. We plan on expanding our offering in 2019 covering a wider range of industries

There are loads of technologies for recruiters to use today, it’s a really exciting time for the industry. It’s been said that sales people are moving from the transactional side of things into more of a partnership role and with all the latest technologies we can improve our relationships, give better insights to our customers and provide better experiences too.

We’d love to discuss more about Talent Ticker with you and how we can help your business digitise and become more productive.

We workwith a select number of companies right now during our BETA stage. If you want to be part of this then do get in touch with us on [email protected] or



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