Talent Ticker’s Top 10 FinTech Companies in April

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Perhaps the hottest area of banking, FinTech’s are taking the industry by storm, reporting high growth and incredible hiring potential. Here are our Top 10 this April 2019. We’ve chosen these companies to highlight 10 great FinTech companies, their exciting stories and journeys.

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Our Top 10 FinTech’s in April:


  1. Divvy

Utah-based Fintech, Divvy, aims to automate the entire expense reporting process for companies to save time and prevent fraud.  In January, Divvy proved themselves to be one to watch within the US FinTech space with the closure of a $250m funding round with funding from Waterfall Asset Management. The fintech are expected to expand significantly within 2019, and should be on any US recruiter’s radar for potential roles to be opening up in all areas.


  1. Affirm

Affirm allow you to pay over time (3, 6 or 12 months) with 0% APR at select partner stores. They’ve partnered with some amazing brands spanning everything from hoovers to holidays and have recently raised $300m in Series F Funding. This will be used to continue the development of their platforms and further strengthen their services and as a result are hiring for multiple roles in their San Francisco offices.


  1. Chime

An award-winning mobile bank account with no hidden bank fees. Chime are showing high account growth, breaking the record of 10,000 new bank accounts in 24hrs. As seen on Talent Ticker, this U.S. digital bank has recently secured $200 Million through its latest investment round. We expect there to be hiring as they open into new markets and grow their following even more.


  1. OnDeck Capital Inc

OnDeck help businesses get a hassle free loan, allowing the owner(s) to focus on making money and not worry about cash flow. They are showing sustained growth and recently announced that their credit facilities with Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank have been extended until 2022. This follows the closing of ten funding transactions, worth approximately $1.2bn.

They have been making some big waves and with fresh funding are one to watch!


  1. LoanSnap

LoanSnap gives you smart loans to improve your financial situation, and using AI technology helps you pay off any outstanding accounts. As seen on Talent Ticker, they have raised  $4.3m in an investment round. This brings its total capital raised to $17 million which will be used to expand its offerings and team, in the months to come.

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  1. Capify

Capify provide simple, quick and responsible access to alternative finance, supporting business from independents to SMEs, and retailers to restaurants who want to expand their business. Altrincham-based Capify has been active in the UK since 2008, executing over 9,000 transactions for UK SMEs seeking working capital for their business. They have recently raised £75m from Goldman Sachs which will help accelerate the growth of its business in the UK. They will be hiring across the board as they carry out their growth strategies.


  1. Onfido

Onfido’s document verification and facial biometrics technology lets people verify themselves anywhere, anytime. This technology is a preventative against cybercrime and they have successfully raised $50m in a funding round, bringing their total raised to over $100m..

Onfido are hiring a lot at the moment and will most likely be a technology that we all start to use sooner or later, as brands look into more ways to help build consumer trust.


  1. Brex

Boasting best-in-class fraud protection Brex offers a corporate card with modern payment terms aiding a businesses cashflow. Originally a credit card for startups, they have recently raised a $100M debt round. Their focus now will be on growing the company through a credit card for larger enterprises. As this company enters new markets it will grow further, and we anticipate they will be hiring for many roles on the West Coast of USA – get your candidates in there now.


  1. Kabbage

Despite the seemingly random name, there is nothing random about Kabbage. They help small businesses get funding and get off the ground. Kabbage, a fintech lender based in Atlanta, completes a $700m debt financing deal to provide continued growth including hiring to support growth.

We love that they are challenging the usual banks and are helping people live the dream of growing a small company. This is a company to watch as they grow/expand!


  1. Linked Finance

Linked Finance is Ireland’s leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform where thousands of local lenders provide business loans to Irish SMEs. As reported on Talent Ticker, they are experiencing record growth this year after a strong first quarter; the Dublin-based P2P lending platform issued €11.3m in loans to SMEs. This marks their strongest quarter since launching six years ago, they are likely to continue with this brilliant growth and hiring is expected.


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