Talent Ticker’s key differentiators for businesses looking to hire/find new talent

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What separates Talent Ticker from other tools on the market?

Vacancy Tools  –

  • Get vacancies for free
  • You are given the projected line managers name and contact details
  • Our Business Development tab lists vacancies and associated important info – try it here

People Moves –

  • This is just one component for market intelligence
  • As soon as someone within your market moves we will flag this to you so you have it instantly
  • The majority of consultants will not be performing those searches on LinkedIn each day, Talent Ticker can save you time searching

Predictive Analytics –

  • Get notified of future events that will enable hiring
  • For example, Regulatory fines or S166 reviews. We have recently formed partnerships with regulatory authorities that provides us with breaking news within this field. We can successfully predict when hiring comes through Compliance, Financial Crime, Risk and Regulatory Risk. We will then highlight to you then with indicators of when a bank will be replacing a Head of Compliance or MLRO (that provides new candidates for you) whilst providing you with hiring opportunities on these positions along with potential large scale remediation work
  • Get notified of large scale hiring projects that you can win on retained business – then this is a huge opportunity for you to increase billings

Firing Market Intelligence –

  • We provide you with detailed insights if firms are performing badly, letting go of staff due to mergers/office relocation’s, and other key activities leading to a reduction to staff
  • In some candidate short markets, such as governance, it will enable you to reach out to professionals who have not yet come onto the market but will be more inclined to be headhunted for your opportunities

Financial Services Job Seekers –

  • We have partnered with a large intelligence firm and in a few weeks’ time will be able to provide you with over 100,000 financial services passive job seekers where a majority are not on job boards like e-financial careers

Gaining and Pulling More Jobs –

  • If you are working in candidate short markets and have recruiters within niche vertical markets, we can provide them with access with more new jobs (that you cannot get from other common recruiting tools) within their verticals
  • Accessing more jobs mean greater opportunities for your teams to have their candidates interview at multiple firms, giving candidates more options and a greater chance of securing a placement – more placements for you
  • Candidates who interviewing at more than one firm with you are less likely to work with other recruiters or accept the counter offer

Our Users –

After only assessing our users for the past 2 months, it’s clear users who have been through the “Talent Ticker on-boarding” in person, have a 70% higher success rate in making additional placements each month than those who have not been through our on-boarding.

For example, one of our US clients is bringing in an additional $105k each month, as a result of using the tool in the right way.

We are also keen to work with you to create a tool that you know and love! Our tech team can work with you to tailor a product suiting your requirements and business objectives. Contact us for more information and let us solve your problems.


What are you waiting for? Book a demo with George at Talent Ticker today or for more information email [email protected]


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