Talent Ticker’s BD List

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Talent Ticker’s BD list enables you to view all the information on Talent Ticker in one simple list. Access actionable information quickly and efficiently on your tailored BD list.


How the BD list works

All the information of the Leads function are displayed on one page. The list is automatically created based on your search criteria. You can filter this list by:

Article type:

This is the type of news that is being reported on. These fall into 6 categories and can be split by date posted and hiring or firing. You can view all or a few of the 6 article types, which are:

  • Vacancies – See all the latest jobs from a variety of sources including careers pages, Job boards and other websites. Read more on TT’s Vacancies.
  • Market movers – Who’s moving, and where to. Knowing your market is a valuable part of being an expert within your industry. Read more on TT’s market movers.
  • Company activity – Find out what a company is doing and the impact on hiring.
  • Funding rounds – Companies who have recently received funding and are likely to hire.
  • Regional expansion – Whether it’s relocating offices or expanding elsewhere, there will be an impact on hiring and opportunities for hiring.
  • Regulatory activity – Regulation affects businesses and they may need to hire in order to be compliant.

Company size:

  • Choose from SME’s or larger corporations

Hiring or firing:

  • Hiring – Those looking to hire as a result of the activity
  • Firing – Those looking to downsize as a result of an event.

Date posted

  • All
  • Past week
  • Past 3 days
  • Past week
  • Past month

This enables you to see the daily updates, and filter through results quickly, speeding up your workflow and businesses development. Results are updated instantaneously with thousands of new leads added each week.

Try it today > Click here to try Talent Ticker’s BD list.



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