Talent Ticker receive two industry awards from SaaS and B2B software review site FinancesOnline

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Talent Ticker Earns HR Software Quality Certificates from Notable Directory for Business Software.

Talent Ticker is excited to announce that we have concluded a fruitful 2018 with two industry awards from SaaS and B2B software review site FinancesOnline! These two recognitions affirm that our smart talent recruitment platform is effective in helping users improve their staffing operations.

FinancesOnline commended Talent Ticker’s overall design by conferring us with the Premium Usability award for 2018, which is given to software systems that deliver an unparalleled user experience due to its intuitive interface.

As detailed in their Talent Ticker overview, the FinancesOnline experts noted that our talent recruitment software allows users to make data-driven hiring decisions. Additionally, users can pinpoint “the best and most qualified talents in the right places” thanks to its AI and smart algorithms.

Talent Ticker is also considered by FinancesOnline as one of the top HR software systems for providing users with a “distinct advantage” over their competitors, specifically for identifying the candidate needs of each company for future hiring reference. After conducting its comprehensive talent management software research on Talent Ticker, FinancesOnline said our platform makes it possible for users to create compelling, detailed data-filled presentations and projections on how specific recruitment efforts can help meet certain business goals.

Thanks again to FinancesOnline for honoring our achievements this 2018. We can’t wait to deliver our clients with more advanced technologies to enhance your staffing efficiencies while maintaining a low HR software cost this 2019 and beyond. If you have something to add to FinancesOnline’s write-up, feel free to post your own quality user review on their website.

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