Staffing trends in 2019

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It’s time Talent Ticker get our crystal ball out with our predictions of the biggest trends to affect the staffing and recruitment industry in 2019.

1. Emphasis on being specialist and being knowledgeable

This week I asked someone outside of the staffing and recruitment industry why they speak to recruiters and the answer was ‘market intel and updates’. Recruiters often undervalue the level of knowledge they possess in regards to the market they work in, despite being a fountain of knowledge and knowing quite a lot. Through working with, and speaking to many successful clients and candidates each day, it’s impossible not to absorb some of the wisdom and have a good understanding of the market you work in.

In 2019 arise the true specialists, the role of a recruiter is becoming more of a consultancy approach and you are now expected to advise, share knowledge and partner with clients on larger projects or with a candidate to find their dream job.

Top Tip for 2019: Create a LinkedIn post with a market trend/ or update each week, writing along side your analysis and posing a question to the market. You could also start asking more questions on the phone and then say ‘One client I spoke with thought x,y and z…’ it shows you value their opinion and are genuinely interested in a subject that they are focussed on.

2. Big data analysis

Like every industry recruitment is becoming more and more data lead. Whilst the essentials of a recruitment job requires face to face interaction, the ongoing technological advancements mean that it’s a numbers profession now too with data impacting how companies hire new talent.
Data can provide businesses with insights that help recruiters and HR managers make better more strategic hiring decisions, that means in 2019 recruiters should look to add/create intelligence strategies that makes use of data to help clients make better decisions. This can include data to help companies find, nurture, manage and hire top talent.

There is an abundance of data which can be analysed and used to benefit the hiring process. For example, you can see email open rates of an email campaign- if someone opened an email 6 times then perhaps it’s a good time to drop them a call, OR using web traffic to identify target audiences and using that data to increase your audience.

Top Tip for 2019: Create a plan on how you are going to use data to improve your service and create an intelligent strategy that satisfies a client and candidates needs highlighting a more digital candidate attraction strategy and using data to report on competitors.

3. Automation

In 2019 automation will continue to play a large part in making companies more efficient. More automation will mean the same recruiter will be able to do more, in less time, whilst improving productivity and billings. Automation can add value in many different ways, such as automating many of the admin side of a recruiters job, pre-written emails, self-selecting CV’s/ candidate matching, meaning you can focus where it counts – building relationships and billing.

Top Tip for 2019: Look for new technologies such as Talent Ticker that can help automate some of the more mondaying tasks like trawling the news or LinkedIn for updates. Nominate a technology ambassador and get them to carry out a bit of research into technologies available – there are loads that are free. Sign up to TT today:

4. AI

AI continues to be a dominant theme in recruiter into 2019 as it brings with it efficiencies and better understanding for businesses
AI is a technology that will impact nearly every market, however right now in the recruitment industry we are assessing how important a role it could play. AI can, and will, impact your business and in 2019 it will continue to take a strong foothold within the staffing industry. The news earlier this year about Amazons AI in hiring fail is one example of a company looking to develop an AI to work for hiring and this will have further impacts on the recruitment market. However, not one to be scared about AI (as proven by Amazon) AI cannot judge a person based on culture or assess the likelihood of someone liking the job as emotions cannot be understood, yet(!).

Read more about AI in Recruitment here. At Talent Ticker we are building our own ‘brain’ this brain is the machine learning element of Talent Ticker and this, like a real person, learns as you give it additional data.

Top Tip for 2019: Look for new technologies such as Talent Ticker is one way in which you can use AI to provide staffing intelligence to make smarter decisions. Nominate a technology ambassador and assign them a research task for the technologies available – lots for free. Sign up to TT today:

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