Are you looking for a new, sustainable way to tap into a passive audience?

Our market intelligence informs us of events within the industry and we use this to deduce who will be affected and therefore likely to be open to your job opportunities.

Tapping into passive audience can be difficult and unproductive. Talent Ticker gives you the insider scoop to let you know the effect of an event on the market place and implication to the workforce. This means you’ll have access to new candidate pools that aren’t on the jobs boards yet.

Stay up to date

Save a search and receive daily updates directly to your inbox on companies that you are interested in learning more about. We recommend saving as many searches as you deem relevant. From these updates you can click through to an article, share it with a colleague or get in touch with the contact directly. In addition to this, when logged in popups will appear in real-time as new updates are added to the site giving you first mover advantage.

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New candidate pools

Get access to untapped candidate pools to engage with through our “downsizing/firing” market intelligence. Talent Ticker assesses the impact of activities such as mergers and acquisitions, office relocations and profit warnings, to staff. Talent Ticker highlights areas that are most vulnerable and the people to contact and discuss this further with. These candidates are often aware of a change and will be open to new opportunities, however may not be on job boards yet.

Contact details

Each article will have assigned contacts. These contacts are gathered through our proprietary AI which matches the relevant person(s) to the article. This gives you a clear indication of the right person to contact, their bio, email and often work telephone number too. Each of these is hyperlinked increasing the speed to dial and making it quicker for you to get in touch.

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Right time, everytime

Talent Ticker updates keep you in the loop of the market, with access to all the data you’ll be in the know and able to provide expert advice and a balanced view of a situation and the impact on the staff. Talent Ticker gives you actionable insights, enabling you to make a call at the right time.

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