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We highlight key decision makers and line contacts, with their details to enable quick reactions.​

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Contact details

Each article will have assigned contacts. These contacts are gathered through our proprietary AI which matches the relevant person(s) to the article. This gives you a clear indication of the right person to contact, their LinkedIn profile, email and often telephone number too. Each of these is hyperlinked increasing the speed to dial and making it quicker for you to get in touch.

Network to source deals

Search for a company and uncover articles and vacancies. Know who to contact and utilise the news to leverage a mutually beneficial discussion. Talent Ticker provides insights on a range of companies within the financial services and Banking industry, helping you to map the market and understand trends and patterns that are relevant to your business.

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Right time, everytime

Talent Ticker updates keep you in the loop of the market, with access to all the data you’ll be in the know and able to provide expert advice and a balanced view of a situation and the impact on the staff. Talent Ticker gives you actionable insights, enabling you to make a call at the right time.

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