Market moves & industry updates

Understanding your industry and knowing what’s going on is essential to any successful business.

Keeping your ear to the ground and knowing your market is a valuable part of being an expert within your industry. Talent Ticker provides the insights and knowledge to help you understand more about the industry you work in.

Stay up to date

Save a search and receive daily updates directly to your inbox on companies that you are interested in learning more about. We recommend saving as many searches as you deem relevant. From these updates you can click through to an article, share it with a colleague or get in touch with the contact directly. In addition to this, when logged in popups will appear in real-time as new updates are added to the site giving you first mover advantage.

Scoring system

Articles split by the result of an event and scored on the probability of incurring an effect towards the staff. Find out quickly what competitors are up to, and the effect this is having on staff. Are they growing? Downsizing? Or moving abroad? Our clever scoring system helps you make sense of events and utilise the information.


Filter by vacancies and get all the jobs, in one place. Find out and filter through who’s hiring, where they are hiring and the details of the relevant person(s) involved saving you valuable time and speeding up the process of pulling new jobs.

BD list on Talent Ticker


TT informs your business strategy through providing you with a list of information to work through. This list is available immediately based on the ticker you have created. Simply work your way down through the list using the ticking system to keep track of new business that has been won. Predictive analytics highlight future trends for proactive conversations with future business.

Network to source deals

Search for a company and uncover articles and vacancies. Know who to contact and utilise the news to leverage a mutually beneficial discussion. Talent Ticker provides insights on a range of companies within the financial services and Banking industry, helping you to map the market and understand trends and patterns that are relevant to your business.

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