Due diligence

Are you looking to provide due diligence to assess a company prior to a pitch or as part of an ongoing assessment?

Talent Ticker’s intelligence is completely unbiased, displaying events and the likely effect on the market. Staffing intelligence goes further as we use predictive analytics to match cause and effect, ahead of the market.

When carrying out due diligence you can use Talent Ticker to look through a companies history. Past, present and predictive news can be found on Talent Ticker and can help provide you with useful intelligence during your due diligence.

Stay up to date

Save a search and receive daily updates directly to your inbox on companies that you are interested in learning more about. We recommend saving as many searches as you deem relevant. From these updates you can click through to an article, share it with a colleague or get in touch with the contact directly. In addition to this, when logged in popups will appear in real-time as new updates are added to the site giving you first mover advantage.

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Right time, everytime

Talent Ticker updates keep you in the loop of the market, with access to all the data you’ll be in the know and able to provide expert advice and a balanced view of a situation and the impact on the staff. Talent Ticker gives you actionable insights, enabling you to make a call at the right time.

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