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We’ve done it, we’ve made it to Friday. Apparently. So my calendar tells me. And believe it or not, this isn’t day #272 of isolation like we all thought… maybe I’ll start scratching the days into the wall to keep a better tally à la Tom Hanks in Castaway, because I don’t know about you, but I’m not even sure what decade we’re in anymore. Lack of human interaction is really getting to me. Has really gotten to me. Has got me?… Help…

So isolation is getting to us, but all is not lost…

Indeed, having a social distancing social life isn’t as hard as you might think, and more important than you might think too. Now, before you go grabbing your Wilson, or start moaning that all your house plants have already died, or that your new-found cat-colleagues don’t want to hang out, listen up, for I have a few words of wisdom to impart. Your weekend is your time to blow off steam, let loose and relax. We need our weekends to refresh and recharge, so that come Monday, we can get back to it with some energy to get us through these difficult days.

Usually tonight you would be hitting the town, drowning out the week in the middle of a sweaty mass on the dance floor, or perhaps at the bottom of a fishbowl with your squad chasing straws nose-to-nose. But this week, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts (the list goes one) will be getting extra traffic instead. So here’s my first suggestion. Go ahead, apply that lippy, put in your hair gel, and pour yourself the mother of all G&Ts (leave your PJ bottoms on), because now you can be comfy and have a catch up with your crew. Half an hour of your favourite pixelated faces and you’ll be forgetting you were climbing the walls not so long ago. (See App of the Week for the inside track).

How do you sweat out your hangover now the gym is forbidden? Virtual yoga classes are becoming all the rage, along with social media fitness challenges and televised workouts (it’s a brave new world my friends, embrace it). Whatever your flavour, know that you don’t have to be working out alone unless you want to. 

Netflix is your best friend now. I think we all knew Netflix would be playing a big part in our lives over the next few weeks, but with their new Netflix Party extension, your weekend binge-watching sessions can now be more sociable. Netflix Party allows you to watch with friends and use a group-chat function to critique what you’re watching too. 

And let’s just take a moment to remember, that social distancing is exactly that, distancing – not silencing. Just because we’re limited to exercise once a day doesn’t mean that we can’t still be present in our communities. If you see your nosy neighbour curtain-twitching while you’re out for a jog, give her a friendly nod and smile, shout good morning (from the other side of the road) to the postie as you pass, put a rainbow (or maths quiz?) in your window so that local kids can be a part of something while not in school. Spread good vibes, not germs, and we’ll all pull through this that bit easier. Be like Little Alf, the miniature Shetland pony who has been delivering supplies to isolated neighbours in his own little basket, and share some joy or do a simple act of kindness. You’ll feel better for it come Monday, I promise.

TT’s top story

Feeling fresh on Monday you’ll be in fine form to make a great start to the week by getting in touch with London-based fintech, Validis. Having just secured a £1 million loan from the Greater London Investment Fund, this team is one set for great things and they are already targeting headcount growth with the new funding. Be a part of their journey and get in touch with them – hiring is already underway and they’ve got a role perfect for your candidate.

Have you heard?

Last week we gave you a playlist to help make working from home more bearable, but we know that you cannot live off ironic lyrics alone. This week I bring you a more calming, resetting alternative. The RSPB have their very own Birdsong Radio app which will help you achieve that zen level of working while you’re cooped up in the house. Throw open your windows, feel the breeze, plug in your headphones and enjoy the sensation of being outside while at your most productive. Lockdown won’t let you run away from noisy neighbours, but we can help drown them out and restore the calm. Check it out

An app for that

Serene: Get through Friday (and the rest of the working week) with less distractions. Serene will let you set goals for the day, block distracting websites or apps, and help you focus with music, countdown timers and timed breaks. Add that structure back to your week and you’ll see these lockdown days fly by.

House Party App: Kickstart your weekend with the face to face social network and have a virtual house party with up to eight of your besties. Together you can live it up, catch up, play one of their interactive games, or just enjoy looking at some other faces rather than the same four walls.

Word of the week

Desolation: noun

The state of complete emptiness or destruction.

The recruiter found that there were no words that could accurately capture the desolation of the prison-house she now found herself trapped within.

Dog of the week

Sasha, 10, English Springer Spaniel. Refuses to lie directly on the floor so suitcases, dirty laundry piles, child-seats etc are all fair game. Was never taught to fetch: first time she went to the park, she immediately found a stick and kept bringing it back. Cutest back-seat driver you ever saw.

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