Recruiter’s Zeitgeist – Volume 6

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I’ve started dressing up to queue outside Tesco and buy vodka – it feels a bit like going out. Do you remember that? The outside. It’s weird to think that many of the activities we used to approach with little to no regard are now dangerous or impossible; a trip to the gym is forbidden, a trip to the grocery store a daunting and treacherous mission. 

A daunting and treacherous mission that is now also the highlight of my week.

Some people are finding other activities to focus their lives around now their previous structure has been ripped away and the world feels a bit like the set of Shaun of the Dead. One street in Cheshire have started holding daily dance parties at 11am – sharing a video of occupants of all ages sharing in an off-beat boogie to Tom Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’. Personally, this is my nightmare. But whatever floats your boat. It probably is a good idea to move in the morning, further than from your bed to your desk, that is. One genuine tip for working from home is to get up and go for your one allotted daily walk around the block before you settle into your working day, even though you are going back home it will feel more like you’re shifting environment, and remind you of those distant days when you actually used to travel to the office.

TT’s top story

Once you’ve got your brain in gear with a vigorous march through the empty streets, try getting in touch with the people at speciality finance firm Kilter. They’ve just secured a cool $500m from KKR in order to support their development and scaling. With all that money, they might need some help spending it.

Have you heard?

Last week we brought you a grocery delivering pony

This week – a golden retriever. Lovely Sundance, otherwise known as “Sunny”, is a very good boy who’s been bringing meals to his at-risk neighbour. He is rewarded with a duck jerky treat. And love, so much love.

What if no friendly neighbourhood animals are on hand to bring your food?

Uber Eats and Deliveroo are both rushing to branch out into groceries. Uber Eats are pursuing new partnerships in France, Spain, and Brazil, after having trialled grocery store partnerships in the UK and Australia last year. Deliveroo are also offering to deliver essential grocery items, and have announced partnerships with Marks & Spencer and Co-op.

And if you’ve already exhausted all your streaming services

The National Theatre will be streaming plays live on YouTube, for free, every Thursday. The free plays will be shown at 7pm all the way through to May. Next week is Jane Eyre – all though if you’ve been alone with your own thoughts for too long, it might make you paranoid about any sounds coming from the attic.

An app for that

Officevibe: Will let you maintain your own office’s vibe from afar. It’ll monitor everyone’s satisfaction and happiness, sending team members regular direct messages with questions to answer about their general state of wellbeing and feelings towards the rest of the team. Finally, your opportunity to complain about your co-worker who always sends terrible gifs.

Word of the week

Capricious: adjective

  • Given to sudden and unaccountable changes in mood or behaviour
  • Changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable

The recruiter had never had to spend this much time with their housemate before, had never noticed their capricious tendencies – their ability to fly into a sudden rage over a couple unwashed dishes.

Dog of the week

It has to be Sundance. 

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