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Hobbies are nice. No commuting or plans on the outside left most people with a lot of extra time during lockdown to pursue some relaxing past-times (check on your crochet/knitting friends, they may not be okay). Even with lockdown easing now, I hope that we can all hold onto the hobbies we started along the way. There’s nothing like a little yoga, or sketching, or searching for the model in a 20-year-old stock photo to bring a little calm and sunshine into your life.

Wait, what was that last one?

No, this isn’t a weird yearning I’ve been having. In fact, the yearning is all Max Fosh’s. Max Fosh is a YouTuber (I know, hear me out) who spent part of his lockdown trying to track down the model in a stock photo from a frame he was given when he moved two years ago. Lazy Max never changed the stock photo, so he’s spent the last two years staring at this beautiful, mysterious woman he knew he’d never speak to.

Except that he would. Kind of.

Naming her “Sarah”, Max decided to spend all of his free time hunting her down. Using all his technological prowess, Max used reverse image searches, stalked a bunch of people on LinkedIn, and even managed to get onto international TV, to try to find “Sarah”. Sometimes, he even went past the first page of Google – terrifying, unknown territory. Fighting frustration and dead-ends, wrong-turns and really terrible leads from the internet, Max finally found her… after two months. “Sarah” was actually Alana from South Africa, and oddly enough she wasn’t a massive fan of being the target of a random guy’s YouTube videos.

While Max’s journey is pretty weird, it’s a testament to the dedication someone can have for a cause they believe in. Or it’s a testament to the thin line between entertainment and stalking. Same difference.

TT’s top story

I’m sure you’re tired of us saying it, but coronavirus hasn’t been bad news for us all – that’s right, here’s another company thriving under the pressure. AI-powered Pagaya have just raised $102m in their Series D funding round. They’ve already revealed that they’ll be using the dough to strengthen their tech capabilities and hiring is underway in a number of roles across their New York and Tel Aviv locations.

Have you heard?

This is not a drill: Greggs reopened 800 of their UK stores yesterday. Everyone stay calm. I live in the middle of nowhere and Greggs is the closest food I can get which doesn’t require me cooking it (not including the chippy with the 3 hygiene rating, I’m better than that). With a lot of recruiters back in the office now, our lunchtime cravings are saved.

But there’s a catch.

Ugh, there always is. Only four people will be allowed into the shop at a time and they’ll only be serving a reduced menu. With COVID-19 predicted to be an annual thing, we’re going to be seeing a lot of changes, not just in shops but in our offices too. With forced working-from-home during the lockdown, a lot of people started saying that it was the beginning of the end for office space as most employees got used to not having to commute (my extra hour in bed tastes so sweet).

But an opinion piece in Recruiter begs to differ. Instead of becoming defunct, Patrick McCrae thinks that the lockdown has given us the chance to reimagine offices as cultural hubs. McCrae states that employers will have to begin thinking of offices as spaces for the humanisation of work, rather than “a neutral space for the completion of labour,” as employees could come out of the lockdown questioning their employer’s responses to the pandemic and our now-altered reality of work. If a company can offer a space which cultivates “purposeful work” alongside protecting an employee’s physical and mental health, the office could live on for a long time yet. Dare to dream, Patrick.

An app for that

Elevate: If you struggle to get going in the morning and really rely on those three cups of strong black coffee to make you conversation-ready, then this app is for you. Waking up will no longer leave you hazy but instead, with Elevate, you’ll be developing a new morning routine that will get your brain ticking over – and you know what they say about the early bird. With these three quick and brain boosting activities built into your daily routine, you’ll be the one hitting the office ready to catch that worm.

Word of the Week

Aphoristic: adjective

The tendency to make pithy observations containing general truths

The recruiters’ aphoristic way made him rather like marmite, the client thought, but at least he knew the truth of the matter.

Dog of the Week

This is Iroh. He is a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy. Iroh already weighs over 10 kilos and has a lot of growing to do. Being a growing boy he has a healthy appetite and his favourite snacks include Weetabix and slippers. Iroh is very good at chasing his tail and has only broken three vases to date pursuing this exciting target.

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