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Have you been isolating alone for the duration of this pandemic? Have you spent hours staring at the ceiling trying to recall the feel of a hug? Have you questioned your sanity? Questioned the very nature of your existence as you catch your reflection in a mirror, out the corner of your eye, and could swear it looked like someone else, just for a second?

Well I’ve got the cure.

Support bubbles! Support bubbles will bring you all the joy you need in a handy little tube! Whenever you feel the threat of existential terror looming just blow some bubbles! Blow those bubbles and watch them live their short lives before bursting against the wall and ponder how you too are like that bubble, drifting aimlessly through the universe until you inevitably burst! Support bubbles! Stop crying over old pictures of you and your friends in the club while fondly reminiscing about throwing-up in an Uber! Blow bubbles! Pop bubbles! Love bubbles! I’m guessing the government should be sending us all our bubbles pretty soon and personally I can’t wait.

Hang on a second I’m being handed a note…

Right this is a bit embarrassing. Apparently I misinterpreted the meaning of support bubbles. What it actually means is that, from the 13th of June, if you live by yourself or are a single parent with dependents, you can expand your household to include one other of any size. 

So if you’ve got two grandparents living on their own, you have to pick which one is your favourite. Or if you’ve got a partner you can reunite with them. And if you don’t have a partner you can find one on tinder and embark on the most intense first date ever.

Just remember, once you’ve picked your bubble you can’t swap to a different bubble or increase the size of your bubble. Ever? Probably not ever but at this point who can say time is meaningless. Eventually, all things must burst.

Based on the above I should probably get into a support bubble pretty fast ey?

TT’s top story

Cloud9 Technologies just raised a cool $17.5m in their Series B round led by UBS. We’re predicting hiring for their offices in New York and London.

Have you heard?

What role will recruiters play in our post-corona world?

It’s hard to know for sure. Recruitment has had to make several adjustments as an industry in the last few months and is likely to make many more in the upcoming period of economic uncertainty. In an effort to make this future a bit more secure, an alliance of recruitment professionals and trade organisations have sent a letter to work and pensions minister Therese Coffey calling on her to support a joint proposition for how the sector and the government can work together to help the economy recover. While the country will face high levels of unemployment, recruiters will be there, ready and willing to help.

Recruiters will need to be prepared for the switch to a candidate rich/job poor market.

This means that it will be more vital than ever to focus on building excellent relationships with clients so that they’ll come to you with vacancies before they even go to market. While before you may have been scrambling to convince the right person to go for your role in a candidate-driven market, now, if you play your cards right you could spin this difficult situation to your advantage. Now is an excellent time to start investing in the right recruitment tools to make sure your market knowledge is on point and you know about every opening ASAP – and when you do, you’ll have a pool of eager candidates to dip into.

An app for that

Rainy Mood: Rainy Mood is ideal to put on if you want to feel like you’re actually in some kind of gothic castle while you’re typing out your reports in bed. This website/app provides you with the sound of a storm beating down to help you focus or just relax. Because really what’s better than hearing the rain hit the roof while you know you’re safe and dry inside? Beer gardens. Beer gardens were better.

Word of the week



Bad tempered or difficult to deal with.

‘The recruiter had become increasingly ornery as the weeks went by and this situation was not helped when they found out the government wouldn’t actually be sending them bubbles’.

Dog of the week

This lovely boy is a cockapoo called Percy. Although Percy is certainly a good boy, he is not always a smart boy, and can often be found sniffing the floor because he can smell his ball when the ball is actually in his mouth. Happens to the best of us.

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