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It’s Friday. You made it. The end of the week, until the next one starts, that is. Anyway, here’s something new and shiny for you as a reward. In this weekly newsletter we will write about stuff that’s going on in the world of recruitment and the world in general. It’s just work-related enough that you’ll probably get away with reading it at your desk. P.S. there’s a dog at the end.

If, in the middle of a long and frantic day, you might feel the need to go take five in the bathroom and sit on the loo to scroll through Instagram/text your mum/cry, surely that’s forgivable?

Actually no, no it’s not.

A company called The StandardToilet have created a downward-tilting toilet designed to be so uncomfortable it encourages workers to cut their toilet breaks short. In fact, this thirteen degrees sloping loo increases strain on your legs, meaning it’s literally painful to sit on for longer than five minutes.

The company’s Founder, Mahabir Gill, has reassured the people that the toilet isn’t a torture device but has confirmed that the ‘main benefit is to the employers, not the employees’, in case that wasn’t clear. Their website does list a few health benefits for the average worker though, mainly that this might help you not get hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids really suck guys, so you’re welcome.

TT’s top story

AI-based insurtech Concirrus just pulled in an impressive $20m. The firm helps insurance companies use their data to make better choices and plan on using the capital to expand into the US and Asia. A couple of roles are live on their site and we bet there’s more to come.

Have you heard?

Turns out, you’re right to slack off a bit on a Friday afternoon

Talent attraction consultancy Wave have found that, while recruiters often post jobs on Friday, candidates are most likely to apply for roles on Monday and Tuesday – with only 14% of seekers applying at the end of the week. So spend your afternoon reading this article and if your boss complains just tell them you’re optimising your outreach in a candidate-short market. I mean it’s not like you’d post on Instagram at 10am right? Timing is everything.

I got into recruitment because I just really love people

That lasted about three weeks.

If you’ve lost that loving feeling, it might be worth trying to find it again. Alexander Mann Solutions have found that young professionals want more of a ‘human touch’ in the recruiting process, with 78% in the 16-34 age bracket specifying that they prefer face-to-face or telephone interaction. So until we teach a robot how to love, go find your fave candidate and give them a hug. We recommend you ask for permission first, though.

This job is literally killing me

You’re not just being melodramatic, it actually might be. The World Health Organisation have found that working more than 40 hours a week can take up to two years off your life, while working more than 48 on the regular could shave off a whole decade. It doesn’t have to be this way. Brighton-based MRL Consulting Group  trialled a four-day working week for six-months and saw productivity rise by 25%, with 9/10 staff reporting improved mental health. If you’re looking to boost productivity and get an extra day off, you could try Talent Ticker, just saying…

An app for that

Plant Nanny: Plant Nanny knows that adulting is hard. Plant Nanny doesn’t judge. If you find you’re frequently so busy you forget to drink water, this cute little plant will help to remind you. Every time you drink a glass, your plant gets one too. You already have a stress headache, there’s no need to be dehydrated too.

Word of the week

Discombobulate: verb (used with object), dis-com-bob-u-lat-ed, dis-com-bob-u-lat-ing

  1. To confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate

The recruiter was completely discombobulated when the client pulled out of the interview for their “dream job” five minutes before it started.

Dog of the week


archie the dog

Archie is one year and three months old. Archie has a favourite blanket which he likes to suck on before he falls asleep. He is a good boy.

Is your dog good enough to be dog of the week? Send me a pic and a sentence about them and I’ll decide. (It’ll be yes)

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