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Right now, a lot of people are taking refuge in the virtual world. Which makes sense, seeing as the world outside of our homes is only accessible in one-hour instalments. The world of Minecraft, on the other hand, will happily let you stay on for many, many hours. So what if you can’t go outside? Your Sim can go outside. Your Sim can go to the bar and hug strangers and dance the night away. Your Sim doesn’t know about coronavirus, your Sim is safe (unless you decide to wall them in and watch them starve, that is.) 

But what if the trials of the real world start corrupting the virtual one?

Since our holidays are all cancelled this summer’s hot destination is the islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. An estimated 12m players have picked up their switches and entered into indentured servitude to a racoon called Tom Nook. Here you work off your debts by picking apples, catching fish, and digging up dinosaurs. You make friends with the animal villagers. You decorate your house. Life is good. But wait, what’s this, a recession? Yep

The Bank of Nook have slashed their interest rates from 0.5 per cent to just 0.05 per cent. Ouch. The total interest available on any amount of savings has now been capped at 9,999 bells. FT notes that this has mirrored the actions of many real world monetary authorities, who have tried to negate the financial impact of coronavirus by ‘cutting rates and lowering long-term borrowing costs through vast bond-buying programmes’. 

All is not lost though, you can still bring in the bells by trading turnips “stalk market” – just like with real stocks you’ve got to sell these when the price is right, or else they’ll rot. If that’s not your style, try catching tarantulas instead, those will get you 7000 bells a pop. Just don’t get bitten. 

I hit the street (texted some people) to see how the residents of New Horizons are feeling about this change. My colleague said ‘this raccoon is ruining my life’ but did add that ‘all you need to know is yesterday I sold off all my turnips for 300% of the buying price. On my way to being a bellionaire’. One friend, who is currently trapped in a house with her family and nothing but free time, had slightly stronger words to add: “Nook is a scammer. As soon as I arrived on the island I was already in debt for simply travelling and setting up a tent. I have since been single handedly responsible for paying for all construction on the island. And now this? It’s a step too far, the icing on the cake if you will. He also calls himself “fearless leader”… that’s weird.”

 TT’s top story

The guys over at Deliverect probably aren’t stressing about turnip prices right now, they just pulled in €16.25m in a Series B funding round. They’ve got offices in Edinburgh, New York, and London that need filling. Get on it.

Have you heard?

Fancy a career change?

Let’s be honest, Coronavirus has us all stressing about our job prospects. Apparently, record numbers of people in the UK are looking for farming jobs to fill the gaps. Totaljobs says they have seen 50,000 searches for farming jobs in the past week. This is good news for farmers, who need to make up a deficit of 70,000 migrant workers who usually travel from Eastern Europe and are now unable to due to brexit. 

Or just wondering how your current career might change?

Recruitment guru Dr. John Sullivan reckons that key talent attraction factors will shift towards health and virus protection benefits. His paper, ‘The upcoming socially distanced workplace will shock you’, also predicts a focus on recruiting workers from the global talent pool, especially those within innovation, technology, quantum computing and machine-learning jobs. He also reckons all candidates will be evaluated via video call, which we should all be well practiced in by this point.

An app for that

Libby: there’s never been a better time for reading. But the library is off-limits and filling up your Waterstones basket can get pricey pretty quickly. Libby might just be the solution. This app lets you access your local library’s selection of ebooks and audiobooks, an excellent distraction when you need a break from your raccoon overlords

Word of the week

Kerfuffle: noun 

  1. a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views.

A kerfuffle had emerged among the recruiter’s friend group as no one could agree whose turn it was to host the Zoom quiz.

Dog of the week

This is Sophia. She’s a five-year-old British Blue and actually not a dog. Sometimes, she’s so hungry she gets her head stuck in the bowl. Don’t worry Sophia, we’ve all been there.

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