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Talent Ticker has been developing our product for over 6 months now. Since the launch of the redesign in January we have been working on some very exciting new features that are soon to be revealed.


One such new feature that we announced in our latest newsletter is personalisation.


We are now able to offer more personalisation to users, this means your interaction with Talent Ticker will be completely unique and tailored to your requirements. Similar to how your LinkedIn newsfeed displays most relevant information or how your Netflix makes suggestions based on your likes, we’ll be able to make suggestions to help make your information consumption seamless.


What are the key benefits of personalisation on Talent Ticker?

  • Tailors homepage results
  • More relevant articles
  • Additional job targeting means you can create niche searches
  • Suggested articles based on what you click on
  • Increased relevancy of information
  • Information is customised towards your preferences
  • And more… find out for yourself but logging into Talent Ticker today


How do I get this?

You don’t have to do anything. If you log into the site and have searches saved you’ll already start benefiting from the enhanced customer experience as a result of our new features.


Why are Talent Ticker doing this?

The reason we are investing in personalisation is to provide a better user experience, we want Talent Ticker to save you time and do the hard work for you. This is a step towards the platform being more and more tailored to your needs. We collect a lot of data, this means the information we collate is easier for you to digest and we only showing useful content.

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