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In recent weeks, water-cooler conversation in Stamford, CT has been focused around new venture, Nexos National Bank. The bank would be the first nationally chartered bank to open in Connecticut since the 2008 financial crisis, but those eagerly following the bank’s development are still waiting for an official launch date. Word on the street is that the bank will launch within the next twelve months, but we’re watching this space.

Set to open at 290 Harbor Drive in Stamford, several financial services pros have already changed their LinkedIn profiles and announced their allegiance to the bank; further hiring is expected as they ramp up and prepare to launch, providing they can first crest the regulatory waves of approval from the OCC and FDIC.

Former Citigroup Executive Gordon Baird is heading up operations with Kathleen Romagnano as his second in command; together they take the roles of Chairman and CEO, and President and COO respectively. Not only will the bank provide a physical presence in Stamford, but also as an online service, giving individual customers and SMEs across Fairfield and Westchester counties all the banking solutions they could possibly want.

Nexos’ Chief has set out plans for his bank to perform the balancing act between service-specific technology and the human interfacing of traditional banking, reinventing banking for millennials and baby boomers alike.

Stay one step ahead of the curve on the Nexos National Bank’s story, we’ll keep you updated on Talent Ticker with the latest developments:


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