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What is Talent Ticker?

Talent Ticker is an AI and Predictive Technology company providing market intelligence to make recruitment faster, more efficient and more profitable. We do this by scoring a company based on it’s likelihood of hiring and firing and give you all the necessary information to get in touch with said hiring manager to speed up the process.

Benefits of using TT:

Reduces Admin

Talent Ticker can reduce admin by doing the work for you. When you read an article you will be able to unlock the hiring managers details. This will provide you with their number and a link directly to their LinkedIn page.

Calling hiring managers at the right time everytime

We know they are hiring, this is a warm call as you know the jobs they are searching for, you just need to give them the candidates.

Pulling more jobs per week

Based on the articles from Talent Ticker you will hiring managers details and the types of jobs they are hiring for. This creates a large opportunity for you to win new business.

Bringing on new clients per week

As the expert in your market you are able to call a client and pitch not only for these jobs, but for future roles and look for PSL opportunities.

Highlighting all PSL jobs

Highlights live & upcoming jobs within your PSL accounts before they reach the portal.

Headhunting more candidates

Tells you when companies are ‘firing’ or downsizing which gives you access to new pools of candidates who often aren’t on job boards yet.

Instant market mapping for business development

Talent Ticker does the researching for you, a hiring managers information is displayed next to projected job titles with a link to their LinkedIn page.

Improves a recruiters productivity

The Talent Ticker technology helps remove inefficiencies allowing recruiters to do more with their time.

Saves time

TT saves time on calls that amount to nothing. Make calls to clients you know are hiring.
TT saves time on researching a hiring manager giving you their details immediately.

Increasing billings per recruiter

With improved productivity and more time to spend elsewhere you can focus on the activities that make you money, instead of the admin that bogs you down. Time is money, and this extra time can be focused on doing 1, 2 or more extra deals.

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