New Disruptive tech that is the Bloomberg of the Staffing Industry

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An exciting new start-up, Talent Ticker aims to disrupt recruitment and become a world leading technology brand within the global staffing industry. Talent Ticker has one main aim, and that is to make recruiters more productive.

Talent Ticker, launched in September 2018 uses predictive analytics and AI to interpret and analyse data identifying companies who are likely to hire or fire employees. Similar to stocks and shares at the top of Bloomberg, Talent Ticker displays a revolving task bar with a hiring upwards arrow in green and a firing downwards arrow in red for when companies are downsizing.

Knowledge is power and once a ‘Ticker’ is created relevant articles are displayed. With this data recruiters can quickly identify where the opportunities lie and once an article is clicked on a hiring manager’s contact details can be revealed, linking directly to their LinkedIn page.

This can dramatically improve the productivity of a recruiter as it reduces the admin associated with finding a lead, and ensures recruitment consultants are spending time working with companies guaranteed to be hiring or firing. Recruiters on the beta version (available now) are also enjoying talking to clients about the articles, appearing to be interested and knowledgeable within their sector.

This week Talent Ticker have confirmation yet again that their proprietary technology can predict hiring trends. Based on a news article from CNN Money Talent Ticker predicted hiring in key areas nearly 4 weeks before the company released news of its ‘recruiting spree’ via efinancial careers.

The tech behind Talent Ticker is cutting edge and the TT team is a mix of Silicon Valley technologists, recruitment evangelists and even more technology geniuses. Talent Tickers long term aim is to create a self-learning platform available to support the movement of the global human capital market within all industries.

Talent Ticker CEO, Nick Vaughan says:
“Our moto is ‘Recruit quicker, with Talent Ticker’ and we aim to achieve that for all our users. Talent Ticker has been designed to make recruitment consultants more productive, reducing workflow inefficiencies and tacking admin tasks that we all hate. We are very excited to see the industries reaction to it and I know all the hard work of our exceptionally talented team will help to change the face of recruitment as we know it.”

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