Latest TOP Funding Round Rivals

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Recently we’ve seen the efforts of many companies come to fruition in the shape of successful funding rounds.

The first half of the year saw the hard slog for these companies to raise investment, but now they’re approaching the fun part. Expansion in headcount, services, footprint – you name it, these startups are doing it!

Here are our top funding round rivals for your enjoyment:


Home insurance startup Hippo have achieved those mythical heights longed for by all start-ups: they’re in the ‘Unicorn Club’. This elite club demands shirts, shoes, and a $1bn valuation to get past the doorman. Hippo’s recent $100m raise pushed them over the threshold. The round was led by Bond Capital’s Noah Knauf, who has now joined the company’s board.

Joining Hippo for the champagne reception, it’s regtech firm OneTrust. These guys raised a cool $200m in their Series A funding round, led by Insight Partners, bringing their total valuation to an ice cold $1.3bn. 

International money transfer service Remitly recently raised a total of $220m in new financing, $135m in Series E equity funding and $85m in syndicated debt financing. Investors included Owl Rock Capital, Prudential Financial, and Top Tier Capital Partners, while debt financing was provided by Barclays, Goldman Sachs, and Silicon Valley Bank.



Atom Bank raised £50m from existing investors, including Neil Woodford, London-based investment firm Toscafund, and Spanish bank BBVA. They plan to pursue a public listing sometime between April 2021 and March 2022, presumably with the help of their adviser, Seriously, 

In their Series B funding round, fintech firm Curve raised £43.9m. The company have announced their intent to expand into six European markets later this year and launch operations in the US by mid-2020, while their CEO has emphasised their focus on providing ‘a radically better customer experience’, which is like, totally radical man.

Business banking fintech firm Soldo closed their Series B funding round at £48.7m, bringing their total raised to £67.9m. The funding will be used to facilitate their expansion into new European markets and double their workforce.


Berlin-based B2B brand Billie bolstered their bank balance with Series B funding totalling €30m. Their dream? To bring convenient invoicing to businesses around the world through their ‘one-stop shop’ product. Bonne chance Good luck (or, rather Viel Glück), Billie.

Another payments firm with a person’s name, we’ve got a neat little theme going on over here. Dutch startup, Mollie, raised €25m in their Series A funding round, with investments coming from a range of technology and payment entrepreneurs.

Theme over. N26 laughs in the faces of Hippo and OneTrust. They’re hanging out in the VIP section of the VIP section – the Pegasus Club, if you like. Basically, they’re now valued at $3.5bn following a $170m funding round. This round was on top of the $300m they raised in January, which I guess just wasn’t enough.

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