It’s the most wonderful time (to do BD) of the YEARRRRR!

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Everyone’s busy during the evenings and reluctant to skip an Xmas party for an interview. December is traditionally not the best month for recruitment however, whilst Christmas may not be a great time for interviews, it’s a brilliant time to get to know your clients and build stronger relationships come the January job hunt rush. Here are our tips to build better client relationships this December:

1. Show you’re an expert and be relevant

Use Talent Ticker to search for news on a company before you next interact with them. You can see what’s going on and then look proactive when chatting to your contact as a ice breaker for your next meeting. ‘I saw you’ve recently hired a new XXX, how are they settling in? What’s the plan for that division?’ etc… Or if you know they’ve got a competitor you can say ‘I saw XXX your competitor hired a XXX person, clearly XXX is an important area for them at the moment, is it for you?’

2. Call clients

A USP of Talent Ticker is that it gives you the hiring manager and/or the HR managers details on every article. There is no excuse not to call or drop them a friendly email, it’s Christmas after all and it’s usually a good time to have a chat to catch up on a successful year.

3. Set up meetings with clients

Assess how well you’ve done over the last year and present it to key clients you’d like to work more closely with next year. Look at how many people you’ve placed and talk about the success of those candidates with a view to work more closely with them next year. If, for some reason, it hasn’t been successful, then this is your time to talk through a better strategy for the next year, including feedback from candidates who dropped out – give the company constructive feedback to encourage a better partnership in the future.

4. Wish them a Merry Christmas

How many clients do you have on your BD list? If it’s less than 30 then there is no reason why you shouldn’t write everyone a personal email thanking them for an excellent year and telling them that you’re looking forward to working together again next year. I’d include whole departments, and don’t forget candidates. Make sure you are emailing the candidates you’ve placed this year too – a quick catch up and friendly email could mean you’ll be more likely to hear from them in their next search – whether that’s for a candidate or as a client.

5. Get ready for January job hunt craziness

As it gets quieter towards the end of the month or even over the Christmas period, this side of the year is a great time to get yourself ready for the ‘New Year, New me’ job hunters!! Speak to clients and get a good idea of job roles, write specs and get yourself organized. You could even write a blog or send out a mailshot to potential clients/candidates reminding them you’re here to help them with their job/candidate search. Soft approached like this can be extremely helpful to people who want to discuss options but might not know who to call – email, text or find them on LinkedIn people often like to use someone they are familiar with so remind them you’re here to help and why you’re the best!!
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