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Investment Watch: Fintech

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As we start afresh at the beginning of a new year, and a new decade, we’ve been taking a look back at some of the highs the financial services world saw last year. With a number of new banks, fintechs, and consultancies cropping up, we’ve seen an increase in large investments being made globally.

Just before Christmas, London-based fintech firm Portify announced the close of their Series A funding round. Led by Redalpine, this round firmly puts the Portify team on the road to serious growth, and continued what had been an impressive year of investments for them. Here we take a closer look at just what Redalpine have been up to, and why our AI considers investment from them to signal significant hiring.

Who are Redalpine

Redalpine are a Zürich-based venture capital firm who focus on investment in highly-scalable European start-up firms. Founded in 2007, Redalpine have backed over 70 companies to date. But it’s not just funding they are providing, Redalpine also help their partners with coaching, experience, and a support network for these scaling firms. Focusing on technology and life science firms in particular, their team is made up of a small but select group of industry experts who are constantly on the lookout for ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Redalpine continues busy year of investing

The fourth quarter of 2019 was another busy one for the venture capital firm. Redalpine made over 15 investments in the last year alone, and raised $121m for their fourth fund, Redalpine Capital IV, which is focussed on software-based technology firms such as their most recent beneficiary, fintech firm Portify. Also receiving investment from their funds in 2019 were: ImmunOs Therapeutics, Carvolution, ENWAY, EraCal Therapeutics, Bnext, lengoo, Inkitt, Araris Biotech, Daedalean, LemonOne, RosieReality, Taxfix, and Donut.

Looking to the future

With the startup ecosystem in Europe on the rise, Redalpine are helping to secure growth for entrepreneurs and companies from emerging venture stages, enabling them to become industry leaders. Redalpine’s investment helps put these innovative companies on the map with Finiata, N26, Taxfix, and Digital Insurance Group being among those that have received early-stage funding from Redalpine.

As Europe-wide investors, Founding Partner, Peter Niederhauser and his team, tend to consider cases based close-to-home and headquartered in Europe, which enables them to closely monitor the progress of their portfolio companies. With competitors in Polytech Ventures, Ecopellet, and Fehradvice & Partners Ag, Redalpine are expected to continue their current growth trajectory as they ensure they stay at the forefront; further investment announcements are expected to follow in the new year.

If you are looking for BD leads, Redalpine’s investments are a great start with hiring often swiftly proceeding investment. 

See what news Talent Ticker has recently published on some of Redalpine’s beneficiaries:

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