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While it may seem that after a difficult start to 2020 and following some disappointing Q1 reports, business is not looking good for many, there is some good news: we’re still seeing a number of big funds and funding rounds closed, which is great news for those companies as they continue their expansions and grow their talent pools. And that’s great news for you, because soon they’ll have roles to fill. This week we’ll be taking a look at another UK-based investment firm, Eos Venture Partners.

London-based specialist insurtech investment and advisory firm Eos Venture Partners have recently announced the close of their Strategic InsurTech Fund. The fund will invest in early and growth-stage global insurtech companies. With offices in both London and in the US (East and West coast), they truly have a global focus and the fund has already made six investments in the UK, US, China and India.

So let’s take a closer look at who Eos Venture Partners are, what they’ve been up to recently, and what exactly that could mean for recruiters looking to get an early foot in the door with future opportunities:

Who are Eos Venture Partners?

Eos Venture Partners, originally founded in 2016 in London by Sam Evans, Jonathan Kalman, and Carl G. Bauer-Schlichtegroll who decided to pool their decades of experience and form Eos. They focus solely on the insurtech space and offer strategic and financial value to their portfolio companies, offering support and guidance from startup level to maturity. 

Looking to breach the “digital chasm” between new insurtech startups and the more traditional (re)insurance companies, Eos has created a niche for themselves in that they focus on their investors’ strategic needs, enabling not only profitability, but also collaboration and innovation as well. To date they have made eight investments, six of these companies have gone on to raise further rounds, and all of which have displayed good growth and look set for success.

Having already made three investments so far this year, Talent Ticker recommends you pay close attention to upcoming news on Eos Venture Partners’ next round of investments; hiring is sure to follow at their new portfolio firms.

Interested in Eos Venture Partners? Cast a wider net and see what else we’ve published on these beneficiaries.

London-based specialist bicycle insurers Laka have been one such firm to benefit from Eos investment. Following their recent £3.64m seed round, the firm announced plans to focus on a European expansion, earmarking their raise to help drive growth in the Netherlands. This new hub is the base from which they are developing and launching their new product range which is aimed at recovery, health and well-being products for cyclists, as well as potential new developments for expanding beyond cycling and sports. With future growth expected, they’re keen to receive CVs ahead of job roles going live, so take the initiative and get in touch today.

Another London-based beneficiary Concirrus have also recently raised a $20m funding round, stating their intention to use the funding to help drive their expansion into the US and Asia. Prior to their funding round, the firm had made several prominent hires and announced key partnerships as they initiated plans to develop their capabilities. Concirrus are currently hiring in London, and are always on the lookout for new talent.

Nottingham-based RightIndem have also benefited from Eos investment, and since launch have rebranded, grown and made exciting partnerships. While they don’t currently have any live vacancies, Talent Ticker recommends that you keep a close eye on this one as we anticipate they’ll be looking to expand their team soon.

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