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  Investment Watch: Fintech

In our last Investment Watch, we looked back at another of the big investments that have been influencing the world of financial services. This week we’ll be taking a look at another London-based international investment firm, Atomico. With the continued surge of new banks, fintechs, and consultancies, an increase in large investments being made globally is par for the course – good news for recruiters.

Atomico, a Europe-focused venture capital firm, was founded by Skype Co-Founder Niklas Zennstrom. A few days ago, Atomico announced the close of their fifth European early-stage technology fund at $820m. Oversubscribed, Atomico had initially targeted a raise of $750m and attracted investment from a range of institutional investors while bringing their total assets under management to $2.7bn.

So let’s take a closer look at who Atomico are, what they’ve been up to recently, and what exactly that could mean for recruiters looking to get an early foot in the door with future opportunities:

Who are Atomico?

Founded in 2006, London-based Atomico focuses on helping disruptive technology companies to scale and become global players in their field. Partnering with these tech founders and entrepreneurs, Atomico largely steps in at Series A level to help guide and supply the experience that will help their companies scale, navigating difficulties such as hiring, building user growth, and developing marketing campaigns. Atomico’s team of investors and advisors includes founders of multi-billion dollar companies, and operational leaders who were responsible for global expansion, hiring, user growth, and marketing at international companies, from Skype and Google to Uber, Facebook, and Spotify.

Atomico V, their fifth fund, will focus on Series A investment rounds of European-based technology and fintech firms. The new fund has already started being invested in several up-and-coming tech firms, so Talent Ticker are advising you to keep a close eye on their investing announcements as hiring is sure to follow at their new portfolio companies.

Atomico’s success stories

Having been around the block a few times as a well-experienced firm, Atomico have already developed an impressive portfolio of partnered companies. Some of their partnered fintech companies include LendInvest, Klarna, Stripe, Adyen, and Transferwise. Arguably two of these more renowned fintech beneficiaries, LendInvest and Klarna, are a testament to Atomico’s success.

A mortgage lending business founded late in 2008 (then called Montello Bridging Finance), LendInvest quickly became one of the leading short-term finance lenders in the UK. In 2013 they launched their online investment platform, and renamed to LendInvest, creating an online marketplace for mortgages; a number of product developments, new hires, and funding rounds have ensured their business model has grown exponentially since then. Atomico were involved in LendInvest’s Series B round and completed a £17m equity investment to help them secure the best technology to support the growth and development of their business. Since 2008, they have invested over £1.5bn in loans to borrowers who have bought, built or renovated over 5,000 properties across the UK.

Since being founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005, Klarna has become a leading payments provider and is also a newly-licensed bank. Klarna now has 2,500 employees and is active in 14 countries. They are now one of Europe’s largest banks, providing payment solutions for 85 million consumers across 14 countries. Now valued at over $5.5bn and growing by almost 40% a year, Klarna has experienced global growth and now has 14 offices across the USA, UK, and Australia supporting their growing business.

Talent Ticker recommends you pay close attention to upcoming news on Atomico’s next round of investments. With investments already underway and a proven record backing them, hiring is sure to follow at their new beneficiaries.

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LendInvest have had a busy year and have appeared in the news repeatedly, securing funding and appointing key management. Currently the firm are hiring in London in a range of roles including technology, sales, and operations:

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San-Francisco-based Stripe are another firm that have experienced an impressive year of growth in 2019. Having closed a funding round and received an Irish e-money licence, scaling has been ongoing for the firm. Currently Stripe are hiring in a wide range of roles in San Francisco, New York, Dublin, Seattle, and London, as well as in other European and APAC countries. Here is some of their latest news:


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