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  Investment Watch: Fintech

In our last Investment Watch, we looked back at another of the big investments that have been influencing the world of financial services. This week we’ll be taking a look at another London-based international investment firm, Anthemis. With the continued surge of new banks, fintechs, and consultancies, an increase in large investments being made globally is par for the course – good news for recruiters.

Venture capital firm Anthemis announced at the end of February that they had secured $90 million for a new fund that will invest in fast-growing insurance technology start-up companies. The Anthemis Insurance Venture Growth Fund I will focus on backing companies that are helping to digitize the insurance industry. Investors in the fund include Aflac Global Ventures and Sumitomo Life, amongst others.

So let’s take a closer look at who Anthemis are, what they’ve been up to recently, and what exactly that could mean for recruiters looking to get an early foot in the door with future opportunities:


Who are Anthemis?

Anthemis, originally founded in 2008 under the name of Nauiokas Park, was founded by Amy Nauiokas and Sean Park in London. The venture investment platform is based on three guiding principles: authentic collaboration, virtuous cycle outcomes, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Basically, they’re operating for good not evil: they’re upbeat, forward thinkers wanting a hands-on impact in disruptive transformation of the insurance industry.

Breaking away from some of the stuffier atmospheres of more traditional venture capital firms, Anthemis are certainly unique, and seem to be looking to corner the market on cool and quirky as well. These ideologies are reflected not just in their own staff and the running of their firm, but are qualities they are keen to encourage in their portfolio firms too. Individual and personal, while still being creative and collaborative (the adjectives could continue), Anthemis are helping to break down pre-existing barriers in the financial services world with their open-to-anything-and-anyone attitude.

Having already made four investments in the first two months of 2020, Talent Ticker are advising you to keep a close eye on any of their future investing announcements as hiring is sure to follow at their new portfolio companies.


Anthemis’ success stories

Anthemis have already developed an impressive portfolio of partnered companies. Many of their partnered fintechs and insurtechs are already household names and include companies such as Atom Bank, Betterment, Currencycloud, eTorro, Fluidly, and Monese – amongst plenty of others.

Betterment have quickly scaled to become arguably the largest independent robo-advisor, helping people to better manage, protect, and grow their wealth through smarter technology. Now boasting over 175,000 users and with more than $5 billion in assets under management, they have experienced impressive growth, and with no signs of slowing, their expansions seem set to continue. 

Another firm on the rise are social trading and investment network eTorro. Now with more than 2 million users across over 140 countries, eTorro are global leaders. By continually adding to their capabilities with new technology developments, the firm are able to scale and build out their operations at an impressive rate. With well-established offices covering the UK, North America, Europe, and Australia, and over 1,000 employees, their growth is expected to continue as they further scale their operations.

Currencycloud, a relatively young company launched in 2012, is a global payments platform built on smart technology, designed to take the complexity out of moving money. Perhaps a slightly lesser known name from Anthemis’ portfolio, they are by no means a firm with smaller ideas. With a headcount of over 200 staff based across their four offices (Cardiff, London, New York, and Amsterdam), they are set on ‘reimagining the way money flows through the global digital economy’. That’s no small goal, so we’re expecting to see more hiring and more growth from this company in the coming months.

Talent Ticker recommends you pay close attention to upcoming news on Anthemis’ next round of investments. With investments already underway, hiring is sure to follow at their new portfolio firms.

Interested in Anthemis? Cast a wider net and see what else we’ve published on these beneficiaries.

New York-based Artivest experienced a busy 2019, naming several new executive leadership appointments. Artivest are currently hiring in New York in several roles including software engineering roles, client services, and investment product solutions. Want to learn more about Artivest? Take a look here:


Another Anthemis beneficiary, Atom Bank have also had an impressive year for growth and are currently hiring for a number of roles in their Durham location, having recently received a £10m grant from RBS:


Currencycloud have recently raised $80m and are a hot topic for hiring leads. Currently hiring across all their offices (Cardiff, London, New York, and Amsterdam), the firm are advertising roles across the board including operations, sales, technology, product, and compliance. Here are some of their latest leads for Currencycloud:


London-based fintech firm Flux have also seen impressive growth this year and are currently hiring to fill a number of roles in their London office. Having recently received investment from Barclays Ventures, hiring is underway for a range of technology roles in their London and Reading locations. Learn more about Flux as we expect more roles to be advertised soon:


Monese have recently announced changes in their senior leadership team with the appointment of a new COO and CFO. With new direction and strategies and an existing workforce of over 400 staff across their London, Tallinn, Lisbon, and Berlin locations to support over 2 million sign-ups across 31 countries, Monese are making big waves. Hiring is underway across the board and in all of their offices. To read their latest and see where you can be making placements, have a look at some of their latest activity here:

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