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Investment Watch: Fintech

In our last Investment Watch, we looked back at some of the big investments that have been influencing the world of Financial Services. This week we’ll be taking a look at the latest investment from one of the Octopus Group, Octopus Investments. With the continued surge of new banks, fintechs, and consultancies, an increase in large investments being made globally is par for the course – good news for our recruiter friends. 

This week, we’ll be looking at another impressive investment from the end of 2019. December saw FISCAL Technologies secure a £3.6m funding round, led by Octopus Investments. This round firmly puts the FISCAL Technologies team on the road to serious growth, and continues the Octopus Groups’ impressive growth trajectory. Here we take a closer look at just what else Octopus have been up to:

Who are Octopus Group

London-based Octopus Group started out at the beginning of 2000 as Octopus Investments, created in the front room of one of the company’s three founders. It is this small, home-grown ideal that remains at the core of what Octopus looks for in their portfolio companies. Small companies with big ideas and big ambition are central to the Octopus ideology. In 2007, following the acquisition of private equity firm, Katalyst Ventures, Octopus Ventures was formed; they have become of one of Europe’s largest funds, now with £1.2bn under management. Typically, Octopus Ventures’ investments range from £1m for Seed raises, to approximately £5m for Series A. But the Octopus support extends beyond simply financing to also helping their portfolio companies with introductions, offering guidance, and providing invaluable experience.

Octopus Group continues busy year of investing

Octopus’ Investment and Venture subsidiaries had another busy year in 2019, raising their most recent fund, the Octopus Ventures Growth Fund, which was announced at the start of April and raised a total of £83m. Prior to Octopus Investments’ December funding in FISCAL, Octopus Ventures had also been busy adding to their list of beneficiaries throughout 2019.

Elliptic, providers of blockchain analytics designed to manage risk and meet regulatory compliance worldwide, were one such company that received investment in their $23m Series B round from Octopus Ventures. Forging their way into the world of blockchain, on a mission to make cryptocurrency transaction activity more transparent and accountable, their AML compliance software and investigative services enable them to analyze millions of dollars in transactions every month. Their growth in this region is already evident and hiring is ongoing as they continue to scale.

Token, the turnkey open banking platform, also completed a $16.5m strategic investment from a pool of investors including Octopus, in June 2019. Looking to reinvent global banking systems with their efficient and secure payment ecosystem, Token are continuing to scale and grow their operations in this digital era. With offices in San Francisco and London, both locations are currently hiring as they continue their growth trajectory. 

Looking to the future

With the startup ecosystem in Europe on the rise, the Octopus Group are helping to secure growth for entrepreneurs and companies from emerging venture stages, enabling them to become industry leaders. Having already developed an impressive portfolio of partnered companies, and with Octopus Ventures already being one of the leading Series A investors in the UK, the Group shows no signs of slowing down their growth. With one investment already under Octopus Ventures’ belt for 2020, further investment announcements are expected to follow throughout the year. 

If you are looking for BD leads, Octopus Group’s investments are a great start, with hiring often swiftly following investment.

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