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Using Talent Ticker’s AI data, we look at stories from the insurance industry that will have a large effect on hiring. Talent Ticker analyses millions of data-points each day and provides recruiters with stories, leads, vacancies, and trend analysis that allow our users to stay ahead of the game and save time. 

With the insurance industry having faced floods, fires, and currently a global pandemic, it may seem that there are few opportunities for a recruiter to make money at this time. However, despite turbulent times, there are insurance companies that are continuing to invest and grow. It is these companies that Talent Ticker looks at below. 

Randall & Quilter to acquire ICI Insurance Company

 ICI Insurance Company have recently announced that they have been acquired by investment house, Randall & Quilter. This acquisition comes at a time for ICI where they are looking to use this investment to grow their business that primarily operates in the US. Talent Ticker has scored this 62, meaning there is a good possibility that they will be hiring following this acquisition. 

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance expands UK offering

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful long-term investors in the world, is one man that looks past current misfortunes and short-term market turbulence and looks instead at opportunities to grow. This can be seen with this news story, with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance looking to expand their insurance and risk offerings in the UK market, making this company one for recruiters to watch carefully. Talent Ticker has scored this 50, meaning there is a good possibility that hiring will be taking place. 

TigerRisk eyes accelerated growth with strategic investment from Flexpoint Ford

TigerRisk, a leading risk, capital, and strategic advisor to the global insurance and reinsurance industry, have announced that they have received an investment from a private equity firm. With the market conditions making it hard for insurance companies to turn a profit, consultancies like TigerRisk can look to provide enhanced services to clients to help them at this difficult time. Talent Ticker has scored this 92, meaning there is a significant chance of hiring. 

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