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The BIG 4 – Most recent hiring updates

Overall, similar to many businesses at present, the trend within the Big 4 is to invest into Technology. The Big 4 are looking to build out technology divisions and departments across the UK and further afield.

KPMG have announced the opening of the KPMG Ignition Centre in Chicago, an innovation and technology hub. Hiring is anticipated across Technology functions as KPMG use this centre to help drive new and innovative solutions to improve their businesses.

PWC promoted internally to fill an AI Solutions Director role and hired a new Director, Transformation Leader.  We expect PWC to grow teams accordingly.

EY revealed a few months ago that that its push into operations in Ireland have led to significant profits in the region. Capitalising on this success, the consultancy aims to continue to hire substantially in Ireland over the next two years.

Following on for this Deloitte have also announced they will open a new office in Belfast in 2021. This will house 2,000 employees, including the firm’s current Belfast teams and will focus on cyber security, cloud, and other technology consulting services. Hiring is expected as Deloitte expand in Belfast.


Vacancies and Jobs.

Hiring seem to be focussed in Germany especially for Deloitte and PWC. Key areas seem to be Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt.

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