Happy New Year!

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January is an incredible month for the staffing industry. It’s the month that Google reports it’s highest search trend for job related enquiries and job boards report the highest job search activity.

Anyone working within the staffing industry will notice just how busy January can be. It’s important to be aware of the busy months, as these can be the best time to find the usually passive, but now open-to-new opportunities candidates – a figure that has been suggested to be over 85% of the market. If you are looking to hire top talent then knowing the best months to do so can be really important as it lends you to a larger talent pool to fish from, often meaning a higher quality of candidate.

Why January?

January is the golden month for staffing. Professional people, like you and me, often come back after the holiday season either motivated to work hard and succeed within their current job, or motivated to look elsewhere and move jobs. Unlike any other time of the year a huge number of us will set New Years revolutions, and often career goals, including moving jobs or promotions, are at the top of that list. This means that people are willing to take your calls, and more likely to move jobs.

In addition to this, companies are hiring not only to backfill but the New Year can also mean new budgets and access to funds that were not previously there, this makes it a busy time of year for people working within the staffing industry and an opportune moment.

How can Talent Ticker help?

Hiring and firing updates are presented with the contact details and roles. We have 3 top tips this January:

  1. Using Talent Ticker to view open vacancies by type or company
  2. Use Talent Ticker to uncover latest market predictions or trends
  3. Save your searches to receive highlights straight into your inbox

You can sign up to Talent Ticker here.

We’ve got resolutions:

It’s 2019 and just like you we’ve got New Year resolutions!!

Our ambitious plans over the next 12 months are crucial to the success of Talent Ticker, and our success is linked to you! We want you to be more successful than last year and we believe Talent Ticker can help you achieve that success.

Our resolutions:

  1. Revolutionise how staffing industry interprets market news to inform better decisions
  2. To enable the staffing and recruitment industry to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships through smarter use of data
  3. Improve how user friendly Talent Ticker is – making it easier for you to use and get results
  4. To provide tech to save time and increase productivity within the staffing industry
  5. Talent Ticker to help you become more efficient to achieve your financial goals in 2019

We’re ready to help you achieve your goals this 2019. ARE YOU? Sign up to Talent Ticker today! Visit https://beta.talentticker.ai/signup.

Any questions or if you’d like to speak with the team about getting your company set up then contact Niomi in our Marketing and Customer team on [email protected].

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