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Using Talent Ticker’s AI data, we look at stories within the fintech industry that will have a large effect on hiring. Talent Ticker analyses millions of data-points each day and provides recruiters with stories, leads, vacancies, and trend analysis that allow our users to stay ahead of the game and save time. 

With the global pandemic easing in many regions, and whispers of a return to work, the coming months for a recruiter will be both challenging and full of opportunity. Recruiters, with the right market knowledge, can plan ahead and determine which companies are likely to hire in the coming weeks and months. Looking at the companies below, we see that these fintechs did not rest during the lockdown, and instead set themselves up for growth as soon as restrictions are lifted. 

Cash management platform Flagstone raises $15m

The online platform, Flagstone, which gives access to hundreds of deposit accounts from over 40 banks, have announced that they have raised $15m during their latest funding round. With competition for banking customers high, fintechs like Flagstone have been able to thrive. Talent Ticker has given this a score of 80, meaning there is a very high chance of hiring. 


Monzo attracts most account switchers for the first time as customers desert high street rivals

As mentioned above, banks are competing more than ever for customers to open bank accounts with them. The challenge is even greater thanks to the emergence of digital banks like Monzo that have been consistently stealing customers from their high-street rivals. Now Monzo has had the most account switches between banks for the first time, signalling their ever-growing strength. Talent Ticker has given this a score of 29, meaning there is a reasonable chance of hiring. 

Paysafe announces partnership with Gala Technology for multi-channel payment solution

Companies are also working together to solve problems and provide solutions. One such partnership to take note of is between Paysafe and Gala Technologies as they have announced the launch of a new multi-channel payment system that allows an even greater amount of merchants the ability to accept payments through alternative ways. Talent Ticker has given this a score of 37, meaning there is a good chance of hiring. 

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