Fintech Watch – Lesser Lockdown?

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Using Talent Ticker’s AI data, we look at stories within the fintech industry that will have a large effect on hiring.

Talent Ticker analyses millions of data-points each day and provides recruiters with stories, leads, vacancies, and trend analysis that allow our users to stay ahead of the game and save time.

With the global pandemic easing in many regions, and whispers of a return to work, the coming months for a recruiter will be both challenging and full of opportunity. Recruiters, with the right market knowledge, can plan ahead and determine which companies are likely to hire in the coming weeks and months. Looking at the companies below, we see that these fintechs did not rest during the lockdown, and instead set themselves up for growth as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Fly Now Pay Later secures £35m in venture round

London based holiday finance company, Fly Now Pay Later have completed their venture funding round, closing at an undisclosed amount. Described as a Klarna type product for the holiday market, it is easy to see why VCs are interested in this asset, even whilst flights are (largely) grounded.

Hiring is expected across the board as the firm develops their services and scales their team using this funding.

TradePMR expands with opening of new Tampa, Florida office

TradePMR, a firm providing technology services for investment advisors, have announced the opening of their new office in Tampa, Florida. The firm has been named one of “The Best Places to Work in Financial Technology” for a second consecutive year, and is looking to expand heavily whilst their market signals are positive.

TZP invests in Evergent

TZP Group has made an investment in Sunnyvale, California-based Evergent Technologies Inc, a provider of revenue and customer lifecycle management solutions. closes crowdfunding round

California based have announced the close of their crowdfunding round, closing at $1m. Their platform is designed to help product development, and have grown to 13 team members before this round. 

Oxygen launches new virtual banking solution for freelancers

Digital banking platform Oxygen have announced the launch of a new virtual banking solution for customers with multiple income streams. Hiring is expected to support the new product and future product development.

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