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Using Talent Ticker’s AI data, we look at stories about FinTech companies that will have a large effect on hiring. Talent Ticker analyses millions of data-points each day and provides recruiters with stories, leads, vacancies, and trend analysis that allow our users to stay ahead of the game and save time. 

With the new decade starting, economic uncertainty remains at the forefront of the news, and while negative economic outlooks can be worrying for recruiters, here at Talent Ticker, we show how FinTechs, with their new technologies, can provide recruiters opportunities to become more effective.

OnPay receives funding worth $6m

OnPay is a small business payroll, tax, HR, and benefits platform based in Atlanta. Its growth since its founding in 2015 has been outstanding, and it has just received a further $6m in venture funding to continue this trajectory. Talent Ticker has scored this 82, meaning there is a significant chance of hiring.  

Plaid to be acquired by Visa for over $5bn

Plaid, a financial services API platform start-up, has announced that it will be acquired by Visa for $5.3bn, twice its final private valuation. Hiring is expected as the firm continues to grow and further develop its technology platform. Talent Ticker has scored this as 65, meaning that there is a strong chance of hiring, especially in technology functions.

TradingView moves HQ from New York to London

TradingView offers a prime example of how FinTechs are thriving in the current economic climate. Despite Brexit uncertainty, the company, which has become the world’s largest community of private investors, has moved its HQ from New York to London. The move sees the company make use of London’s location as the centre of global trading, allowing the company to implement its growth strategy. Talent Ticker has given this a score of 68, meaning there is a strong possibility of hiring. 

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