Expansion Watch – 30/01/2020

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Here at Talent Ticker, we’re all about prediction. We’re always on the lookout for indications that a company is making changes when it comes to their staff, and nothing is more indicative of change than when a company announces they’re expanding. Whether they’ve just moved to a flashy, larger office, or whether they’re funnelling money into developing a specific team, an expanding company is a recruiting company; and a recruiting company is your best friend.

Expansion Watch

Now that we’re securely into the new year, let’s take a look at the companies who have started it right. Here are three of the companies making the biggest growth moves from the past two weeks.

Gracie Point earmarks latest funding for North American and Asian growth

New York-based Gracie Point, a firm offering financing programs to high-net-worth clients in the life insurance market, have announced they will be using their recent $50 million funding round to support their expansion in the US, Asia, and Canada. This marks their third successful raise to date, so the company are going to be doing some serious growth over the next few months.

Alongside their plans to strengthen their presence in the US and Asia, where they already have offices in New York and Hong Kong, a portion of their latest funding will be put aside to launch their business in Canada. Since they’re in the business of lending, Gracie Point will be looking for professionals in Corporate Governance, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing to support their current locations. Alongside general office staff, they’ll also need experts in International Operations and Strategy as they look to strengthen their global presence over time.

With established bases in two major financial hubs and plans to increase their presence in North America, our AI has given this lead a score of 89. Their ambitious plans will take a while to execute but this is definitely a company to keep an eye on in the long-run.

Liberis plans to grow team by 30% following funding

The small business lending platform, Liberis, have announced they are planning to use some of their recent funding round to grow their team by 30% over 2020. With approximately 150 employees, this means that there are potentially 45 new roles up for grabs as they look to strengthen their presence in the UK and US, as well as expanding into two new European countries.

With just over £32 million to play around with, we predict the London-based lender will be hiring across the board as they look to move into new markets. Since they’re a lender, they’ll definitely be looking to strengthen their Corporate Finance, Sales, Corporate Governance, and Client/Account Manager roles. They’ll also need Operations, Strategy, and back office staff to support their new locations. Liberis also offers technology solutions to help SMEs access finance, so some hiring in Software, Technology, and Data should be expected, too. 

Since their Denver, Colorado office is newer, we predict that they will be a little more selective on what roles they want to hire. They haven’t said which two countries they plan to expand into yet, so keep an eye on Talent Ticker to see when they make any exciting announcements.

With a score of 91, our AI predicts that things will keep looking up for Liberis. With major backing from investors, strong expansion plans for new markets, and a clear idea of how they want to scale their team, you may want to bookmark their vacancies page.

AxiomSL opens Irish office, plans to hire 100 new staff

AxiomSL, a regulatory and risk data management platform based in New York, have opened a new business operations centre in Limerick, marking their first presence in the Republic of Ireland. Based in the National Technology Park in Plassey, the centre will initially house Technical Support and Product Management staff. 

As well as back-office support staff, we predict that AxiomSL will initially want to focus on establishing their foothold in the country before doing any massive hiring rounds. You can expect Operations, Client Managers, and some Technology roles to come first, with the major hiring for Technology and Product Management to come once they’ve settled into the new market.

Our AI has scored this lead at 79. AxiomSL are predicting the hiring of the 100 staff to come over the next five years, so if you’re looking for a long-haul recruiting client I’d save their number to speed dial.

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