Expansion Watch – 27/02/2020

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Here at Talent Ticker, we’re all about prediction. We’re always on the lookout for indications that a company is making changes when it comes to their staff, and nothing is more indicative of change than when a company announces they’re expanding. Whether they’ve just moved to a flashy, larger office, or whether they’re funnelling money into developing a specific team, an expanding company is a recruiting company; and a recruiting company is your best friend.

Expansion Watch

Still stuffed with Tuesday’s pancakes, let’s take a look at the companies whose waistlines are getting bigger. Here are three of the companies making the biggest growth moves from the past two weeks.


Monzo to relaunch paid product, hire 500 staff

London-based digital bank Monzo have announced plans to relaunch their paid-for customisable accounts, called Monzo Plus, as well as hire an additional 500 staff. The product was originally announced in early 2019 but was reversed after a number of complaints from customers. The plans are intended to support them reaching a new milestone of 5.5 million users this year.

Since they’re all about that digital life, we predict a lot of the hiring will be in technology and product roles to support their products. As they’re relaunching a product, we also predict a need for marketing and client-facing staff to entice and support customers. Since they’re a bank, roles in governance and back office functions are also predicted. Monzo are based in London, Cardiff, and Las Vegas, so you can expect to see roles in these regions.

With a large headcount increase and plans for continued product creation and development, our AI has scored this lead a 75. Already a household name, and with talks ongoing for a 2021 funding round, Monzo are a door you want to get your foot stuck in.


Progressive Insurance looks to add 8,000 new US staff

Mayfield Village, Ohio’s Progressive Insurance have announced plans for an annual hiring push to fill 8,000 roles across their US offices. 500 roles are earmarked for their Colorado Springs, Colorado IT support and call centre, so you can expect customer-facing and technology roles alongside more back office operations roles.

The rest of the roles are split over a number of locations: 1,500 in Cleveland, Ohio; 1,000 in Tampa, Florida; 900 in Austin, Texas; a combined 270 in Nashville, Tennessee and St Petersburg, Florida; 180 in Phoenix, Arizona; and 80 in Sacramento, California. Around 400 roles will be work-from-homes, with the remaining 4,500 based in field claims offices in more than 250 locations. Roles in these locations will be across the board, from actuarial and underwriting, to legal, to sales and business development, and more.

With such a crazy amount of roles to be added, our AI has scored this lead at 82. Progressive Insurance does these hiring pushes annually for their Colorado Springs campus, so they’d be a long-term boon for US-focused recruiters.


Mastercard to add 1,500 staff to Dublin tech hub

Mastercard have announced plans to triple their Irish workforce by adding 1,500 staff to their Dublin technology hub over the next three to five years. The hub, called Microsoft Labs, will take on an extra 22,000 square metres of office space to support the expanding team, creating a campus-style site.

Mastercard have stated that they are aiming to specifically recruit staff in cyber security, AI, blockchain, and UX, as these are areas they are looking to strengthen. More general software, technology, and product management roles will be needed to support these functions, too. We predict they will also be hiring back office staff to support what will become a 2,000-strong workforce.

Our AI has given this lead a score of 79. A leader in their field, we don’t see hiring slowing down at Mastercard’s Dublin hub any time soon as they continue to funnel money into their R&D.



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