Expansion Watch – 13/02/2020

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Here at Talent Ticker, we’re all about prediction. We’re always on the lookout for indications that a company is making changes when it comes to their staff, and nothing is more indicative of change than when a company announces they’re expanding. Whether they’ve just moved to a flashy, larger office, or whether they’re funnelling money into developing a specific team, an expanding company is a recruiting company; and a recruiting company is your best friend.

Expansion Watch

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, let’s take a look at the companies who are in love with getting bigger. Here are three of the companies making the biggest growth moves from the past two weeks.


FNZ Group to create 200 roles in Edinburgh, Dundee

New Zealand-based FNZ Group, a global fintech offering wealth management solutions to financial institutions, have announced they will be creating 200 jobs in Scotland over the next two years. They already have a base in Edinburgh, but a number of the new roles will go toward strengthening their new Dundee operations centre, which opened this year.

The 200 new jobs have been broken down into two chunks. Around 50 investment operations roles will be created in Dundee first, with a further 150 roles to be created across both Dundee and Edinburgh by 2022. With so many new jobs on the books, we predict they will be hiring across functions in technology, operations, investment operations, sales, and strategy.

Our AI has given this lead a score of 79. The hiring spree is an indicator of overall growth in the region and FNZ Group’s commitment to Scotland, so getting on their PSL is a must for Scottish recruiters.


Curve to launch first US office in New York

Curve, the London-based financial services and card integration start-up, have announced plans to open their first office in the US, creating around 185 roles by 2024. Based in Brooklyn, the office will be headed by new hire Amanda Orson and will act as the base of their US operations.

Since it’s a new office in a new location, we predict they’ll need operations, strategy, and corporate governance staff as they look to establish their base. They’ll also need staff in sales and business development as they aim to strengthen their presence. Curve are a fintech, so hiring in technology, product, and customer service roles can be expected once they’ve established their base.

With an AI score of 78, you can expect a lot of US hiring for Curve as they break in their new location. Clear hiring plans for their New York office mean that Curve could be your next US cash cow.


Expel to create 164 jobs in Virginia with $1.4m investment

Virginia-based cyber security firm Expel have announced plans to invest $1.4m into their Herndon headquarters. This investment will create around 164 new roles over the next three years, almost doubling their current headcount.

Since they’re a cyber security firm, we expect them to be hiring heavily in cyber security, engineering, and technology roles. They’ll need more staff in sales, business development, and client management to aid their expansion, as well as back office operations staff to support their growing team.

As they’re not moving into a new market like Curve, our AI has scored this lead as a slightly lower but still respectable 72. If you’re a US tech recruiter, particularly one specialising in cyber security, you’ll definitely want to save their vacancies page.

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