Expansion Watch – 12/03/2020

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Here at Talent Ticker, we’re all about prediction. We’re always on the lookout for indications that a company is making changes when it comes to their staff, and nothing is more indicative of change than when a company announces they’re expanding. Whether they’ve just moved to a flashy, larger office, or whether they’re funnelling money into developing a specific team, an expanding company is a recruiting company; and a recruiting company is your best friend.

Expansion Watch

With Wall Street entering a bear market and growing certainty over Covid continuing to disrupt business processes, we have pulled together some of the most positive growth stories from the market this week. Even during these testing times,    

Here are three of the companies making the biggest growth moves from the past two weeks.

Zego secures an insurance broker licence in France

Insurtech Zego have secured an insurance broker licence in France, supporting the company’s continued expansion across Europe. Zego recently surpassed a headcount of 200 and is set to double this in 2020 to support these expansion plans.

The license has been awarded by the French regulator ORIAS and has signalled a continuation of Zego’s aggressive expansion towards mainland Europe during the Brexit transition period. 

This will be the fifth country Zego has expanded into, currently running operations within the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. 

Starling Bank opens third UK office in Cardiff

Starling Bank have announced the opening of their new office in Cardiff, creating 400 jobs in data science, customer service, and fraud later in 2020. 

The app-based bank has made a strong start to 2020 as we recently reported on Talent Ticker, they have raised an additional £60m in funding. 

Their Welsh office will enable Starling to grow, with the aims of becoming break-even by the end of the year. 

CEO and founder of Starling Bank Anne Boden, originally from Swansea, says: “We believe that London’s success as a fintech hub should enable it to spread wealth and jobs throughout the UK and the wider economy. That’s exactly what we’re doing with this office in Cardiff.”

The company currently employs over 800 staff serving a customer base of 1.6 million. Boden says that the 400 new jobs in Cardiff will be supported by a further influx of new hires later in 2020.

Rapid7 open second Belfast office, double headcount

Boston-based cybersecurity firm Rapid7 have announced that they are planning to open a new office in Belfast, creating around 200 jobs and doubling their Belfast workforce. The company said it signed a 10-year lease for a 50,000 sq ft office space at Chichester House in the city’s central business district.

Our AI has given this lead a score of 73, and despite fears concerns from others over Brexit and the Irish border, Rapid7 have proven that there are significant opportunities for ambitious firms to secure growth within the British Isles. 

Do any of these expansions tickle your fancy? Let us save you time. Talent Ticker isn’t just about finding leads; we also find you the projected contacts for recruitment decision-makers at the company, so you can make a connection in seconds. Time is money, after all.

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