Company Wars: Revolut and Monzo

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At Talent Ticker, we help you stay ahead of the recruitment curve and make those placements better, faster, and with a happier client at the end of it all too. To do this, we use AI to aggregate all the data you need about all the companies you care about. The finance market moves quickly and it can be hard to keep up with who’s doing what, where, when and how – especially who’s doing it best. So, we’ve decided to find out. In this feature we put two companies head-to-head, making it easy for you to figure out exactly who you want to work with.

Company Wars - Monzo vs Revolut

We’re kicking off with two of the most widely known challenger banks, Revolut and Monzo. Both founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, these two have been frequently pitted against each other in the media as they fight for the funds of more tech-savvy consumers.

Who are they?

Monzo say they are doing things differently. They’re trying to change banking by building a bank with everyone, for everyone. A bank you can love. They’re particularly focussed on transparency and communication. Their website is inclusive of commas, exclamation points, and even a semicolon

Revolut describe themselves as a company who are there for ‘those who refuse to settle’. Those ‘who never stop moving forwards’.Those who don’t believe in using punctuation other than full stops. Seriously, these guys don’t like commas. They’re there for simple sentences only.

Keeping your candidate in the loop

Tell Your Client...

...benefits of working at Monzo include: catered lunch twice a week, plus biscuits everyday, or fruit and pilates and yoga sessions, for the health conscious. They also hold ‘regular internal knowledge-sharing sessions’, giving employees the opportunity to share their 42 slide power-point on why you should put the jam on the scone first, not the cream.

...that Revolut gets things done. No corporate bullsh*t. No politics. No yoga? That they’re on a mission. That they’re like the special forces. That they are fast. Precise. Inevitable. Tell your candidate to use declarative statements. To build things. Get stronger. Better. Inevitable. Bring their A-game. Use logic. Use brains. Build more things. And don’t you dare use a comma. Don’t even think about it. Inevitable.

Maybe Don't Mention... former employee’s Glassdoor review complains about the bank using their startup status as an excuse to underpay their staff. They also mention a lack of diversity, especially within leadership positions. Additionally, they were informed of their failure to move from a temp to perm position about 10 minutes before the Christmas party started.

...Revolut have seen their fair share of controversy in recent months. You might not want to mention the accusations of non-compliance that may have caused their CFO to depart. You might also want to try and side-step the fact that the bank have faced widespread accusations of having a toxic work culture, with CEO Storonsky conceding that they haven't always ‘gotten things right’.

The crucial data

Number of Leads on Talent Ticker

Trend Data

Vacancies on Talent Ticker in the Last Month:



Office Locations 

Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Company Headcount

LinkedIn Data: 898

They have the honour of being LinkedIn’s #1 Startup

LinkedIn: 1642

They also have the honour of being LinkedIn’s #2 Startup

So, who’s your winner?

Massive headcount with aggressive hiring, or the most loved brand in the UK? Both are a dream PSL opportunity; but who wins out?

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Who wins the company war, Monzo or Revolut?
Who wins the company war, Monzo or Revolut?
Who wins the company war, Monzo or Revolut?

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