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Our Head of Technology, Aled Jones, recently appeared in Business Wales discussing the data revolution in Wales and more on what Talent Ticker does to attract and retain tech talent in Wales.


Read more detail on Aled’s questions: Business News Wales (BNW), Aled Jones (AJ)

BNW: How is your business embracing new technology and digitalisation to stay competitive and develop the services you provide?

AJ: Talent Ticker was founded as a technology company only a year ago, so we’ve had the benefit of starting with a clean slate.  We’ve therefore been able to dive head-first into the latest and greatest technologies that are available to us including serverless, cloud native, A.I and cutting edge UX frameworks.  This has allowed us to iterate our product at the highest speed possible and focus on responding to our customer needs instead of efforts like maintaining legacy software.

Internally we also use the latest technology to collaborate and communicate including several SaaS products like Slack, Atlassian suite, GitHub, CircleCI, HotJar and Office365.  These products allows us to collaborate from any location quickly and efficiently and again have resulted in much lower time to market as we can focus on delivering value in our software rather than on internal tools.

BNW: How is the rise of artificial intelligence, big data and automation, creating Welsh jobs of the future?

AJ: These technologies provide a huge opportunity for those with the right skill-sets going forward.  The use and value of big data and analytics is well established in the industry now and is being used by pretty much all modern businesses who really want to understand their customers habits, behaviours and trends.  The use of A.I. and automation is a bit more niche but is gaining a foothold in even more traditional businesses as a way of gaining even more insight about their customers, being able to feedback to customers more quickly and improving their experience in general.

All these technologies require an advanced skillset that isn’t yet that common so people with the appropriate skills are hugely in demand right now. If businesses see Wales as an area that provides the workforce with these much-needed skills, then they will flock here.

BNW: What are the key skills your business needs for the future?

AJ: The key fundamental skill in any technology company but especially an up-and-coming startup like Talent Ticker is the ability to quickly learn and adapt to an ever-evolving industry.  Nothing stays the same for very long; what was the technology or framework of choice a year ago for a given use case might be old-hat by today.  As a market intelligence platform, as well as a team of A.I.-savvy engineers we also have a team of researchers who analyse incoming news articles and other data points and annotate these.  This human-generated data is used to train our A.I. as well as being published on our platform for our users.  For this team a keen analytical mind, good communication and research skills are key.


BNW: What is your approach to attracting new talent and developing these skills within your teams?

AJ: Attracting new talent is always a challenge, especially when the required skills are not in abundance.  We’ve had to head-hunt far and wide, hiring amazing local staff as well as luring some from further afield to Cardiff.  Engineers will always gravitate towards places where they are able to learn, work with other exceptional individuals and feel like their contribution makes a visible difference.  Here at Talent Ticker we’re still a very small company so everyone’s contribution is hugely valued and visible to all.  Our use of cutting edge technology is also highly attractive as potential candidates understand they will gain experience in hugely in-demand technologies such as A.I. and data engineering.

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Talent Ticker has also been an active member of the local cloud native, A.I. and Data Science communities, being part of programmes such as the Welsh Data Science Graduate Programme.  Not only are programmes like this invaluable in helping train up local talent that will grow Wales’ pool of Data Science talent as well as providing us with great examples of that talent, but they also help spread awareness of us as a company and how great we are to work for!

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