Are You Busy Being Unproductive?

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The importance of being productive in a competitive world: A recruiters guide to productivity

Most people will tell you they are busy, if you ask someone how work is going the chances are they’ll respond with ‘Yes, good thanks busy as usual’, but what actually are they achieving in terms of outputs? Being busy and being productive aren’t the same thing… although it may feel that way.

Successful people and unsuccessful people have the same hours in a day, we all have twenty four, the difference is the way we use the time. Using your time ‘well’ means you are productive and complete a lot of tasks, using your time badly and you’ll often be unproductive.

Here’s a great article from our CEO, Nick Vaughan called ‘Time is Money’, on how to make more of both.

Being productive in business is linked to success, the higher your outputs the more you achieve. As a recruitment consultant being deemed productive is often reflected in a good week of activity: CV’s sent, interviews booked, meetings attended and placements made. As a newbie in recruitment (or a newbie at anything) you are extremely busy learning and will have lower outputs during this initial stage of your development. Being productive and using your time wisely is the holy grail for anyone with high outputs and KPI’s are a good way of monitoring performance, however these differ on many factors, such as market size, location etc.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it – or so the old saying goes. You are more productive when you are busy, as it forces you to prioritise to accomplish tasks quicker and more efficiently. A McKinsey Global Institute study found that 61% of our time is spent managing work and the other 39% of our time actually doing it so a lot of time is wasted as a recruiter, time that could be spent on other money making tasks.

With such a varied job most recruiters would agree, there is lots to do, all the time.

With multiple tasks on at any one point it’s key that you focus and create a good plan to ensure you are being productive and getting the most out of your day. Recruitment can be inefficient, it’s difficult not to be when so much of the job is spent researching, calling, headhunting and trawling through job boards, creating LinkedIn projects etc. Then when the day is done you are juggling a social/home life…… exhausting! The life of a recruiter is a busy one therefore by being more productive at work, and getting more done during the day can give you back valuable time to prevent you from burning out.

Being productive is a skill many of us want to master. True productivity is build on, like many things, being organised and hardworking. Make positive changes to your productivity and you’ll reap the benefits. Plan your week in advance and find out what is expected of you, can you do more? Being a recruiter is stressful, there’s a reason staff turnover can be high- it’s a very tough job. However, you can be extremely successful as a recruiter with little or no experience, making more money than your friends in other, more traditional, professional jobs.

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