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Technology is changing how we work and the way in which we work. It has transformed industries – and recruitment will be no different. Recruitment in the future will, just like everything else, have a guaranteed trend towards automation by improving operational efficiencies and enhancing a recruiter’s productivity.

Let’s face it, job boards are no longer the place for ‘hot’ candidates, candidates are expecting to be found using other methods. The savvy headhunter is very well trained to find these passive candidates and can usually battle any excuse to convince them of a new opportunity. It’s an extremely competitive industry and the constant strive to source candidates, find vacancies, and fill positions brings a new level of knowledge and understanding to the job that means the recruitment top dogs are getting better and better. The UK is known to have some of the best recruiters in the world and due to the meritocratic nature of recruitment we all could be a million pound biller next year. Hungry to succeed, recruiters everywhere are smashing targets and KPIs by sourcing candidates quicker, building and maintaining good client relationships, and ensuring low churn rates with placed candidates. Whilst we can’t attribute all improvements as a result of technology, the impact it has had and will continue to present us with is clear.

Much of the admin for recruiters can be automated, we’ve seen technologies help us find candidates quicker, help us get them hired quicker, to help a client arrange interviews, or host interviews, write job ads, post job ads, video, mobile, online, and the list continues. There are many technologies available to give recruitment consultants the competitive edge, for those who don’t remember, LinkedIn wasn’t popular at first, the cost of a license now would have been scoffed at then and it took significant proof that it could benefit all of us for it to take off. LinkedIn now dominates the candidate market, helping all of us at some point research our markets. We might be slow to adopt but technology is here to make our lives easier and do the repetitive tasks for us. This in turn can leave us with more time to focus on building relationships and understanding our customers (both candidates and clients).

YAY-(A)I or NAY-(A)I?

To understand the impact of AI on recruitment we can relate it to any technological change, and concerns over technologies are extremely common- they’ve been around for a while. Same problem, different day. Simply put, we will need to adapt and evolve.

At the 2017 SXSW Interactive Festival, Diane Bryant, then executive VP and GM of Intel’s Data Center Group, said AI is taking off because of three key elements: we can access the data more easily, better connectivity allows faster data transition and Moore’s law means computer power is doubling bi-annually.

Bill Gates, when interviewed, said “AI will bring us immense new productivity” and this is something we should be getting involved with as businesses. Lots of people are scaring us with their radical AI ideas and views of the end of the world;

“The two main concerns that the fear-mongers raise are around AI leading to job losses in the society and AI going rogue and taking control of the human race. I believe that both these concerns raised by critics are moot or solvable.” – Ganesh Padmanabhan, CognitiveScale, Inc

Moot or solvable, AI will help you advance your career and increase your performance. You should, or rather need, to be looking at how AI can benefit YOU. A recent article in the BBC News from The World Economic Forum – stated:

“The Swiss think tank predicts that robots will displace 75 million jobs globally by 2022 but create 133 million new ones – a “net positive”. The WEF, which runs the famous Davos networking event, said that robots and algorithms would “vastly improve” the productivity of existing jobs and lead to many new ones in the coming years.”

Our reaction to AI shouldn’t be doom and gloom, we should be excited about the new prospects and cool new tech available to us.

AI will lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency in our businesses, there will be more jobs created in the tech field and enhances made within our lifestyles as technology continues to allow for smart homes/ better flexible working arrangements. Why should you be in the office at 8pm, just to keep your spot on the leaderboard?

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