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Starting out the week early on a Monday and looking ahead to the end of Friday and the weekend is a little like looking at a mirage. It’s kind of hazy, certainly too far away to see clearly and you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever actually make it there. Well, I don’t know about you, but looking ahead to life after lockdown feels the same for me. Sure, the rules are definitely changing, but while some of you have had the tiniest taste of sweet, sweet freedom these last few weeks, for others, that mirage is still making us rub our eyes in disbelief. But life is changing, and across the world, people are beginning to go back to their lives as they used to be, all those years – excuse me – months ago.

But it’s not really going back to the old, it’s more of a new-old..

That’s right, as contradictory as it sounds, a new-old way of life, new-old routines and habits. Needless to say, coronavirus has changed people, and coming out of lockdown, we’ll adjust to a new way of life, similar to how we used to do things, but likely taking on a more cautious approach.

Whether it’ll be cycling to work rather than risking the dreaded over-crowd of the bus or train, or simply that side-turn and chin-tuck we’re all now doing in the supermarkets as we pass others in the aisle, creeping impossibly close to the shelves just to maintain a suitably large gap between us, it seems likely that for a little while at least, we will be marked by these last few months.

But a new kind of old sounds pretty good to me. Frankly, if lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of us have been taking things for granted. In a perverse sort of way, I’ve even enjoyed parts of lockdown.

I know, I know, hear me out. Haven’t you enjoyed the simplicity of life even a little? Not being so overrun with plans and events that you don’t have time to sit down in the sun with your family? Spend an evening enjoying a long soak in the tub, finishing that half-read book you started months ago? Or perhaps it’s been more frequent calls, facetimes or zoom catch ups with some of your old school friends, when before it would have been a palava trying to arrange when, then where to meet up, select a designated driver, get ready, be in the right mood… 

Sometimes I don’t look at my phone for hours at a time now. I certainly don’t care what the neighbours think about what I wear in the garden or go to the supermarket in.

I love not wasting time commuting, or spending money I don’t need to because I’ve walked past that dress in that shop every day this week and it’s just calling my name. It feels pretty good to just do the simple things – have a meaningful conversation with my mum, send and receive snail mail, grow some vegetables, go to bed before midnight. Suddenly we’re all talking about mental health and mindfulness – and there’s something great about that.

We’re showing up, emotionally, for those friends, family and colleagues who previously we’ve perhaps not really considered enough. It’s these things I like. And I like being a part of a society that isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve a little, to be honest, and open, to prioritise what really matters in the grand scheme of things.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the old adage that love conquers all, and while love might not have beaten COVID-19, for one couple, they’ve certainly not let it get in the way either. This week the twitter account of Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital in London (@GSTTnhs) shared the news that two of their employees, a doctor and a nurse who had to cancel their wedding due to the outbreak, have got married in the chapel at the hospital where they both work. Their ceremony was quiet and simple, just the two of them, their officiant and two witnesses (and a video-link for their families). I take my hat off to them, frontline workers, everyday heroes, newly-weds, and at the heart of it all, leading the way in recognising the important things.

TT’s Top story

Monday morning is looking like a great time for you to make contact with payments startup Marqeta.  Having just hit $4.3 billion in valuation following the successful close of a $150 million raise, this team is one set for great things and they are already targeting headcount growth, international expansion and product development with the new funding. Be a part of their journey and get in touch with them – hiring is already underway with growth expected in Manchester, London and over the pond in California. Check it out:

Have you heard?

For anyone who has tuned into Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, you may well be familiar with Jason Fox’s podcast, Wild Tales, presented by The Book of Man. Well I’ve got good news for those of you who are familiar, and those of you who aren’t really should (it’s so good), season 2 of the podcast has now started! Seriously, you don’t have to be into all the army, SAS stuff to really get into this as Foxy chats with a number of guests about their incredible experiences, mental and physical resilience, and how they’ve found the great outdoors invaluable in their personal journeys. At a time when daily exercise is as exciting as it gets, and mental health is something we’re increasingly aware of, this podcast has kept me longing to get outside, and now with things finally beginning to lift, it’s also a great source of inspo for making future plans for my own mini-adventuring. Give it a go, it’s interesting, funny and motivational – can’t recommend this one highly enough.

An app for that

Boosted: Simplifying life can be good for your personal life, work ethic and general productivity alike. Boosted is a productivity tracker app that lets you organise your activities and monitors how much time you spend on each thing. Projects can be broken down into more manageable sub-tasks to help you hit your targets. You can even get daily or weekly breakdown reports of how productive you’ve been. Restructure your days and you’ll find your week flies by and your to-do list gets done, stat.

Word of the weeK

Intrepid: adjective

A fearless or adventurous state of being.

The intrepid recruiter took a bold step out through the front door for his second, nay third, daily exercise outing.

Dog of the week

This is Charlie. Also known as Charles or Lord Charles. He’s a handsome boy whose sister has made it into a royal household. His favourite snack is bread, even more so than sausages. He likes presenting his mamma with her own shoes, hairbrushes or toilet rolls. He has more followers on his Instagram page than I do (oh, and he has his own TikTok). Good game Charles, good game.

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